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How to Care for a Beagle

How to Care for a Beagle

Regardless of what pet you want to have, preparations are necessary. You have to learn the characteristics of each pet. Should you be interested in a beagle, be prepared to spend twelve to fifteen years of your lives together. They are noted to be very active dogs and require regular exercise and playtime. Spending time with them is absolutely necessary. Here are some helpful tips on how to care for a beagle:

  1. Provide ample space for your beagle to play in. Beagles need to exercise twice a day. Make sure the space is secured as they have a tendency to not keep track of how far they have gone. They are also unmindful of cars, which pose an eminent danger to them. If the area is not secured, see to it that they are tied to a leash as you surely will not be able to catch up with them if they run. They have the instinct to follow the lead of animal scent, so they can be unpredictable. As these dogs are hunters, you should have the energy to run and hunt with them.

  2. Beagles are sociable. They like to be in the company of people and other pets.

    When left alone, they will try to seek company by making a howling sound. They can also bark incessantly, which could prove very annoying for you and your neighbors. They are definitely attention seekers, so be ready to give your time and attention to them.

  3. Train your beagles the moment they arrive in your home. They are smart dogs, but they tend to be stubborn at times. Be consistent when you teach and train them: Members of your household should use the same commands so that your beagles do not get confused. When training them, be ready with some treats as dogs of this breed are good beggars. It is more effective to reward them when you want to motivate them than it is to punish them. Doing the latter will just make them stubborn. Prepare to deal with some unwanted attitudes: These will require a lot of your patience.

  4. Groom your beagles as often as necessary, but you do not need to bathe them daily. Inspect their ears for infection from time to time, and keep them clean always. Their hair may be combed with the use of a dense tick comb. This will push away the dirt and some of the parasites that make them uncomfortable. Cut their nails as needed.

  5. Do not leave your beagle alone with very young children. Beagles are fond of grabbing things with their mouths, an impulsive gesture which can scare or traumatize young children. Of course their intention is not to harm - they are really just playful and impulsive dogs.

  6. Feed your dog with healthy and nutritious dog foods. You will definitely live with your beagle for a long time and keeping it healthy will save you from worry when they get sick - not to mention the amount of money you might need to spend on emergencies or vet consultations. Follow your veterinarian’s recommendations - especially on the vaccines or boosters needed.

Having a beagle for a household pet can be fun, but much effort is required to train, groom, and feed it, and to keep it healthy through exercise and playtime. So make a commitment to get one only when you are ready for it. Beagles definitely are a joy to keep as companions. Learning how to care for a beagle the proper way will make things a lot easier for you and your pet. That’s what you should do as a responsible owner.


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