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How to Care for a Beagle Puppy

How to Care for a Beagle Puppy

A Beagle puppy is the perfect pet choice for you when you want a dog that is neither too large nor too small. This breed has a square body and is not too heavy either which makes them easy to transport from one place to another. A Beagle puppy also possesses the qualities of being intelligent, loving, affectionate, sweet and friendly to both humans and other dogs. Although he has hunting instincts, this dog can be very gentle especially when he is not physically mistreated. You may find these reasons enough to learn how to take care of a Beagle puppy and take him into your home. It is important that you follow these tips on how you can care for your puppy. Follow them and you will share a happy time with your lovable pet:

  1. Give him a tour of the home. If you come home from the pet shop with your new puppy in your arms, it is good to welcome him with a tour of the new environment that he will live in. The puppy needs to be familiar to his new surroundings so that he does not show any signs of being frightened. Show him his room or crate and where he should eat and potty.

    If you have other pets, introduce the new addition to the home and in due time, you will see that the Beagle will start playing with them because of his innate friendliness.

    You may also want to prepare your home even before taking him in. This includes removing anything which will be harmful to your dog and preparing a place for him to stay and rest.

  2. Provide for his essential needs. Before finally heading home from the pet shop, scan through it and purchase all that is necessary for your puppy to be well provided for and live healthy and comfortably. Some of the most important things your Beagle puppy will need include: crate, doggy bed, food and water bowls that are not too deep, puppy toys, harness and collar or a tag and grooming tools such as a hairbrush and a toothbrush. The most important of these are the puppy food and puppy treats. You need to have both types: soft and crunchy. They can be used in training exercises and in cleansing his mouth.

  3. Exercise with him. At least an hour walk or run in the park with you daily can really be healthy for the Beagle puppy. This dog is very active outdoors and will need enough exercise to strengthen his body and legs. It is because of this and the food that you give him that he will live longer than most dog breeds – possibly up to 12 to 15 years.

  4. Periodically take him to the veterinarian. Whether you are new to caring for a Beagle puppy or have taken care of one before, you will still need to get the help of a veterinarian. Visit the vet every two or three months. This will ensure that your pet is in perfect condition. Also, ask the vet to have you pet vaccinated for anything that he needs.

It is highly important that when you implement how to take care of a Beagle puppy you accompany them with much love and attention. Before you know it, you have found a perfect friend and addition to the family.


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