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How to Care for a Border Collie

How to Care for a Border Collie

Border collies perform well when it comes to physical activities. They have high endurance for running, hiking and playing fly ball. A sporty and physically active dog lover is the best buddy for this breed. Learn more about how to care for a Border collie before you plan to bring one of them home. Here are some relevant tips:

  1. Find a vet to give your dog proper medical attention. Submit it for a comprehensive medical examination. Complete the necessary vaccination series and keep records of the dated boosters. A Border collie should undergo flea and worm protection procedures. Spay your dog as advised by the vet. Spaying is also essential for Border collies to avoid accidental pregnancies and to discourage bad behaviors.

  2. Establish a routine for grooming while it’s still young. A Border collie requires good grooming and regular hair brushing. However, grooming it is not complicated. Bathing is often not necessary. Once every one to two months is enough to refresh it. The dog has naturally dry skin that does not need frequent washing.

    Brushing its coat several times a week is good enough to maintain shiny and mat-free hair. Trim its nails once a week or as needed. Just be very careful not to cut the pinkish part of its nails, which will bleed. If you are not confident enough to do the nail trimming, go to the vet’s clinic and let the vet do it for you. Make sure to maintain the cleanliness of its delicate parts like the mouth, teeth, ears, eyes and especially the anus. These areas are prone to infections.

  3. Encourage your dog to enjoy daily exercise. Set up at least one hour of jogging, walking or running in the morning and in the afternoon. If you want your dog to become athletic, enroll it at your selected dog sports training program. They excel in playing fly ball or Frisbee.

  4. Read relevant features about Border collies. You will discover that your pet has to exercise its high level of intellect to keep it sharp. Check the breed’s books, write ups and do online research to know more about this dog. It is amazing to note that this type of dog was bred to herd sheep. Therefore, a determined owner should think of some activities that will occupy its brain to keep it contented.  Basic obedience commands with the supporting positive reinforcements must come first before other training sessions.

  5. Provide your Border collie with high quality foods. Buy only healthy dog foods to keep it in good shape. Supply it with enough water to drink every day to replace the fluids lost due to its hyper activeness.

  6. Expose your dog to more people as much as possible. Aside from daily walks, spend more time during weekends in the park with your dog. Going swimming can also be an alternative activity, especially during summer. Going to the beach with it will allow you and your dog to exercise by walking along the coast line. This dog will be more responsive to its master when doing the same activities.

These concepts on how to care for a Border collie are not really hard to follow. Just keep in mind that a Border collie is not an easy-going dog. This energetic dog is good for an active individual. Adopt one only from registered breeders to make sure you pick the right pet.


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