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How to Care for a Dog in Heat

How to Care for a Dog in Heat

Part and parcel of being a responsible dog owner is learning how to care for a dog in heat. This is expected of you when you assume ownership over a dog, whatever her breed. At a certain age, a female dog will periodically be in heat, and you should know how to deal with her when this happens. There is a proper care routine that you need to perform while attending to your female dog. These tips may help you keep your dog safe while she is in this stage.

  1. Keep your female dog confined within your home or yard. Unwanted puppies may be conceived if a female in heat is not protected. When she is in the estrus season, which is likely to happen for three weeks, do not let her out alone as she will have discharge carrying blood and pheromones. These secretions will attract all of the male dogs in your neighborhood. Confine the female dog in a room with closed windows and flooring that is easy to clean as the discharge can be both messy and smelly. If there is a need for her to come out of the yard, make sure that she is on a leash and that you keep an eye on her at all times.

  2. Understand the behavior of your dog. When the female is in heat, she will act according to how she feels. If she displays territorial behavior such as bullying other pets, shoving and shouldering them, pushing them, or simply overpowering them, this could be a sign that she is already in heat. It is appropriate to put her in a separate, secluded area where she can be herself. Her attitude will fade as soon as the in-heat period is over.

  3. Purchase doggie diapers. If you do not have a place in your home that is easy to clean where you can place the female while she is in heat, you can opt to place doggie diapers on her. These can hold the discharge that is eliminated by the dog and help prevent stains from messing your floor. Doggie diapers come in different sizes and, surely, there is a size which can fit your dog. Doggie diapers are easy to find in pet shops.

  4. Rub may help take care of the female. To make male dogs shy away from your female, you may apply a little rub to the base of her tail. This will cover up the scent that accompanies the discharge she produces. Chlorophyll tablets may also be an option. You can give them to your female dog to mask her enticing odor. However, you need to take caution when using them and seek the advice of your veterinarian for proper dosage instructions.

  5. Keep her in a relaxed mood. A dog in heat displays excitement and may be excessively anxious. You can prevent her from showing irritability by not allowing kids to play with her and around her. Instead, playing soothing music will help to ease her bad temper and calm her down. She will need all the extra care and pampering she can get from you, so take time to brush her coat and to tend to her needs more than usual.

Learning how to care for a dog in heat is essential, so it cannot be avoided. However, you do not have to treat the female as a problem. If she is at the appropriate age, you can mate her with a male dog, but in the event that you do not want her to produce a litter, safe preventive measures can be practiced.

tina coursey Sep 06, 2014

How do I help releave the stress my female is under from. The itching. N panting an she also is tired a lot. Help me help her cause she is loved n its a sad thing to see her like this.


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