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How to Care for a Dog With Cancer

How to Care for a Dog With Cancer

When your dog is diagnosed with cancer, everything changes.  Day to day activities need to be adjusted as treatment is in progress. The dog will also require more attention from you.  You surely need lessons on what to do, and your veterinarian can give you all the information you need.  Here are some tips to get you started on how to care for a dog with cancer:

  1. When treatment is ongoing for your pet’s cancer, all you need to do is make sure that everything is in order. Instructions given by the vet should be followed as mistakes could mean more suffering for the dog.  Report every problematic incident or reaction you observe, so your vet can analyze and make some adjustments in the treatments.

  2. Make sure that the place where your pet dog is confined is disinfected as your pet is now very prone to infections. If there are sick members in your household, do not let them go near your pet’s area until they have fully recovered. It pays to be strict as additional sicknesses can cause more suffering to your pet.

  3. As much as possible, spend more time with your pet.  It is important for it to feel your love and care as it undergoes this crucial moment in life.  It may cause you stress and pain to see the situation, but being there for your pet is like being there for your friend or loved one in trying times.  For sure, your gesture of kindness will be appreciated by your beloved pet. It will also make you feel good in the process as you will know you have been a loving and caring owner.

  4. If possible, make each day seem like a normal day.  Usual activities like grooming, feeding and play time should still be undertaken.  Of course, if the cancer progresses, it might become impossible for your dog to even stand up.  Just be there and talk to it dearly.  It will reciprocate the kindness with an adoring and loving look in its eyes.

  5. Should the situation worsen and pain killers as strong as morphine no longer work, then it may be the right time to talk to your vet about euthanasia.  This may be the kindest gesture, instead of just prolonging the agony. Accept the fact that pet dogs have shorter lifespans than people, and it is inevitable for them to go first. Caring for them until their last breath is the most we can do.

We can get so carried away with our sorrows when our pet dogs leave us for good.  Knowing how to care for a dog with cancer is very important as it allows us to give them the right care they need during their last days of existence.  We make lasting memories with our pet dogs as they are definitely man’s best friend.  They even say that dogs show more loyalty than human friends.  This may be true at times, which is why our pet dogs are very dear and close to our hearts. When everything is over, it is now time for you to heal yourself from the pain of losing your best friend.  You can adopt a similar breed or rescue a dog that is in danger - to ease the pain of your loss.


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