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How to Care for a Kitten Properly

How to Care for a Kitten Properly

Kittens are like babies; they need their mother’s care. But in the absence of the mother cat, you can take care of them too. Learning how to care for a kitten will help to make sure your baby pet have a chance to survive and grow up to be healthy cat. It is not so easy and will require a lot of your time, effort, and resources.  Here are some important considerations:

  1. Depending on the age of the kitten, ask your vet about the proper food to give it. If it is four weeks old or younger, a substitute mother cat’s milk will be needed. You can purchase this from your local pet shop and give it to the kittens using a dropper or syringe.  Normally, kittens need milk until eight weeks old, but you can slowly wean them from it by giving them a little canned or dried kitten food available commercially. Increase the volume of kitten food every time you feed the kitten while decreasing the volume of the milk substitute. Bear in mind that you cannot give your kitten cow’s milk as it can make it suffer from diarrhea or indigestion.

  2. Put your kittens in a warm and dry living space.

    an be an empty box lined with dry clothing.  Keep this area warm and clean at all times. Your young kitten needs warmth, so you can also put in a heated towel using a hot water bottle in the absence of a warming pad. As the kitten gets older, it will need less of this. It will also welcome your touch and your lap for the warmth that it needs when the kitten becomes used to your presence.

  3. Ask your vet to examine your kitten for needed vaccinations, proper feeding, and medications in case of parasites or other common feline diseases. Bear in mind that prevention is better than the cure, so it is best to have the checkup with your vet as soon as possible.

  4. When feeding your kitten, be sure to give it the right food for its age. Adult cat food when given to young kittens doesn’t give them sufficient nutrition.  There is a specific formula for kitten food. This changes as they age so be on the lookout for that. You can ask your local pet supplies store or your vet for some advice. Don’t forget to provide clean water every time you feed your kitten.  Choose a low bowl so it is easy for it to reach inside.

  5. Kittens need playtime for exercise and to cheer them up. When you constantly play with it, a sense of closeness with you can easily be developed. They have a tendency to play rough and hurt you with their sharp claws. So don’t forget to cut the sharp tips of your kitten’s claws when it is asleep. You can also give it a toy that it can scratch or play rough with to spare you from being hurt. Kittens have a tendency to bite a bit hard, so be careful and do not encourage it.

  6. As your kitten gets older, teach it proper indoor practices.  Put a litter box in its living space and train it to use it.  Make sure that one side is low enough for it to go in and out, and always keep it clean.

Kittens are not really hard to care for when you are equipped with the knowledge on how to care for a kitten. This will ensure that your kitten will grow up to be a healthy cat. The efforts exerted will all be worth it as cats can become very adorable pets.


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