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How to Care for a Labrador Retriever

How to Care for a Labrador Retriever

A Labrador retriever will make an excellent pet.  They are energetic, loving and friendly dogs that are very fond of kids - although they get along well with people of all ages. They also like water so do not be surprised if they will just jump in a body of water for a swim. This breed has interesting qualities and a long life span of about ten to twelve years so prepare how to care for a labrador retriever for your companion for more than a decade.  Here are some pointers:

  1. Give your Labrador retriever its own space in your home as it is now officially a member of your family. Train it to go to its own place when it is time to sleep or when it needs some quiet time.  Its own space is also its safe place so give your dog some quiet time when it retires to its own place especially at night. Just make sure this is always clean to protect your pet from getting allergies and infections.

  2. A Labrador retriever is a very active and energetic dog and it definitely loves children. Teach your dog not to jump on children or people as they might unintentionally knock down a child.

    lot at least thirty minutes to one hour for your dog’s play and exercise time.  It is mandatory so it won’t become overweight. Overweight dogs invite all sorts of diseases which would be much of a hassle and extra expense for you.

  3. Feed your Labrador retriever with nutritious foods.  It is better to invest on healthy dog foods than spend for veterinarian expenses later on when it develops nasty diseases. Consult your vet with the right dog food to give to your pet. If possible, make some homemade dog food too as you have full control on the nutritive value it can give to your pet.

  4. Maintain proper hygiene and grooming for your pet. This breed shed a lot so make it a habit to brush its hair regularly - to avoid its hair from spreading all over your house and furniture. Bathe your pet when necessary, when they smell bad already and when it is itching. Check on any parasite and make sure to get rid of them.

  5. Have a regular check-up for your pet with your veterinarian.  Make sure it gets complete shots and licenses to avoid future troubles. This breed is not really hard to take care of but it is best to have all the vaccinations for the prevention of common canine diseases. They are also fond of licking and therefore it is important that they don’t have any rabies for its human companion’s protection.

  6. Train your Labrador retriever at an early age for disciplinary measures and potty training. This is really important to make things easier for you.  They are also very fond of chewing so train them not to chew just on anything - but only the toys that you will give it. Some Labrador retriever owners give up on them because of this trait. They tend to destroy things unintentionally. Some dog owners complained of having all their shoes damaged or others got their car scratched and an expensive sofa torn by their previous Labrador pet.

Learn how to care for a labrador retriever by heart if you intend to have one for a pet. You will not regret the decision as this breed is really wonderful not only as a pet but also as a companion - and easily it will be a dear member and a house guard for your family.


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