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How to Care for a Parrot

How to Care for a Parrot

A parrot, just like any bird, needs to be cared for diligently. It should be nurtured like a baby as it is quite sensitive and conducive to diseases. All the hard work pays off when you hear your parrot talk with its rich voice.  Here are some guidelines on how to care for a parrot:

  1. Prior to acquiring one, learn the characteristics and behavior of this bird.  You can do your research online or read animal books, but the best way is to consult a veterinarian.  Inquire about the best bird food you can feed them, the vitamins or supplements they will need, the temperature they are most comfortable with, and how to care for them in such a way that they become safe from diseases.

  2. Prepare a cage for your pet parrot.  Make the flooring warm by putting some old cloth on it and top it with paper towels. You can just throw away the paper towels when they become filthy and replace them with clean ones. Wash the cloth from time to time. Choose a cage that is big enough to allow it more space to roam around.

    e sure the cage has containers for bird food and water.

  3. Win the trust of your new pet parrot by consistently being there. Always make it a point to talk every time there’s a chance. When the parrot is quite relaxed with you, try to touch it gently on its back or head. Replenish its food and water regularly.  Like humans, parrots lose their appetite when eating the same food over and over again. Give it bird food seeds at one time and pellets or granules at other times.  You can also give it fruits from time to time.

  4. Teach your pet parrot to talk as often as you can, but keep the sessions short – about ten to fifteen minutes only – to avoid tiring it. Choose simple words to teach like ‘hello,’ ‘good morning,’ ‘good day’ or your name. Parrots are smart and can remember these simple words given a period of time. You can proceed to simple phrases when you see some progress. Be sure to repeat the words it can already utter so it won’t forget them. Refrain from saying improper words in the presence of your pet parrot as it might learn those too. They easily pick up words that are said in intense emotion, so be careful, especially when you have kids around.

  5. Put some toys inside your pet parrot’s cage and clean them regularly each day.  Initiate activities it can indulge in, like looking for food. For example, wrap food in small paper towels so the bird can open it as an activity.  This can keep it busy and avoid boredom.   Take it out of its cage and bring it to a secluded room where it can move around freely for a while. You can do this during your teaching sessions just like in a classroom.

Caring for your pet parrot can be fun.  How to care for a parrot should not be stressful.  Make it your daily hobby instead of a chore.  Parrots need constant attention to make them more interactive.  Your pet parrot can become an added attraction to your home, especially when friends and relatives come over. Show it off so it becomes more accustomed to having other people around besides you and your household members.


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