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How to Care for a Pomeranian

How to Care for a Pomeranian

A Pomeranian is a beautiful thickly-furred dog. It closely resembles that of a little lion. It has been observed by many dog breeders that Poms have temperament. This is the reason why they are not advisable to get associated with children. Nevertheless, Pomeranian can be trained to a loving and well-behaved pet. Discover these important tips on how to care for a Pomeranian before deciding to own one of its adorable breed. Get through reading the given directives below:

  1. Ensure a regular visit to your veterinarian. It is important to complete your dog’s vaccination series as this will ensure your Pom’s good health. Always keep the record so that you can easily determine the next procedure your Pom will be going through. You may also ask the vet to explain it to you on how to care for the young Pom after its vaccination. Sometimes there are medical reactions that may occur after the vaccination. The vet will also advise you to undertake flea protection and proper care for the Pom’s eyes because eye problems are usually common among Pomeranians.


  2. Consider a complete grooming routine. Grooming your Pomeranian will enhance its beautiful looks. Establish it’s grooming routine as early as possible. It is advantageous to initiate good grooming habits to a young pup because it will easily get used to it as part of its daily existence. Gather the complete grooming tools like blower, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush especially produced for dogs.

  3. Bathe your Pom weekly using shampoo and conditioner for dogs. Pom is just like a tiny cat, when it gets wet it will somehow shrink. After having a refreshing bathe, use a blower to dry up its hair. When its hair is dry sprinkle a small amount of powder so that you can easily brush them. It is important to comb its hair regularly including the ones underneath to keep away from tangles. A Pomeranian’s hair is their biggest asset - they can look very chick when properly maintained and stylishly groomed.

  4. Maintain its healthy teeth. Just like humans, Poms need to take care of their teeth by regular brushing including the mouth to avoid the formation of cavities. You may take it to a vet for an annual dental check-up.

  5. Serve you Pomeranian with healthy foods. A Pomeranian is not fussy when it comes to food choices. Just serve it with dog foods that have nutritional values. Make sure they meet the recommended daily requirement as far as nutrition is concerned. Provide it with enough amount of water every day. Never serve your Pom some left-over chicken bones and fish. They can be fatal to the dog when it gets choked by a bone.  Make sure to throw scraps to the proper place to avoid accidental ingestion by your Pomeranian.

  6. Make it a point to take it out for a daily exercise. Some breeders said that Pom’s are lap dogs, others may advice that Pomeranians needs to move freely as long as you have a protected area. Remember that a Pom is a small dog - it can easily escape out of your territory when given the chance. Use a harness every time you go out for a walk. This will ensure that your Pom cannot run away from your sight.

Pomeranians are gorgeous dogs when properly enhanced to show its genuine assets. Give it the love and care it deserves and you will surely enjoy this breed for many years. Try these advices on how to care for a Pomeranian for a happier household.


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