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How to Care for a Pregnant Dog

How to Care for a Pregnant Dog

When you lose track with your dog’s activity and suddenly found it pregnant, let the vet examine it and calculate at what stage of pregnancy it is now. There are crucial things you should watch on how to care for a pregnant dog in some specific stages. Find out more by reading through:

  1. Keep your dog’s environment away from conflicts to avoid giving it a stressful life while pregnant. Stress can affect unborn puppies and can cause undesirable outcome – can even be fatal for them.

  2. Inquire for the precaution vaccination to be given to the bitch or soon to be mother dog prior to conceiving or in the early stage of pregnancy - for the immunity protection of the puppies to up to eight weeks old after they are born.

  3. Be strict in the choice of dog foods and in controlling how much you feed it to prevent problems while giving birth. The build-up of fats can make it difficult for the dog to induce labor and may lead to caesarian operation to make sure that the bitch and its puppies will be in good condition.

    ay with feeds with high nutritional values.

  4. Be lenient however in giving the mother dog 40 percent more feedings on its final month of pregnancy. This is when the unborn puppies are already requiring nourishments from their mother’s food sources. Your pregnant dog will obviously lose weight if this is not provided so, watch out for this stage.

  5. Be aware of eclampsia or milk fever that can lead to death. This can occur when adding substantial calcium supplements to your pregnant dog’s diet. Get the guidance of a veterinarian on this to make sure that you are not exceeding the limit if additional calcium is indeed required.

  6. Take note that the dog’s pregnancy will last only for around 2 months and few days. It is ideal to deworm your bitch after one month and a half of pregnancy to prevent the parasites from transferring to the babies upon birth if the mother dog is infested by these parasites. Use Nemex-2 wormer or whatever is recommended by the vet.

  7. Consider worming the dog that just gave birth again to make sure that it got rid completely with these harmful parasites. Again a pyrantel paomate like Nemex-2 is highly recommended.

  8. Watch out for the near birth signs when your dog is already at its final week of pregnancy. These include a sagging belly or hollowing hip. Measuring its body temperature rectally is also very efficient. If the thermometer reads 98 degrees or below, the dog will give birth at any time in that moment. 100 degrees is the normal body temperature of a dog. Make it feel secured by being there during this period.

Do not rule out the possibility of infection when your dog’s temperature is not consistent. This can cause your miscalculations of your dog’s date of birth. However, patience will make you see through your dog’s entering another stage of its life - that is motherhood. No need to panic when this is the case. Eventually, it will give birth whatever the case may be. You may have to wait for few days more but as long as your dog and the soon to be puppies are alright, you’ve done your very best on how to care for a pregnant dog.


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