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How to Care for a Yorkshire Terrier

How to Care for a Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers make very lovable and huggable pets. They are very active and smart dogs. Training them is no fuss as they are fast learners and really an intelligent breed. They may not be exactly for children, but they can surely amuse them as they are active, playful and charming pets. How to care for a Yorkshire terrier is likened to caring for a baby. These are pointers for you to follow:

  1. Cleanliness is the first priority. Make sure their bodies are cleaned up with a damp cloth. Concentrate on their behinds, where the hair is prone to become contaminated with urine and waste.  Wipe off mucus from the corner of their eyes too as hardened mucus can interfere with eyesight.

  2. Make sure their environment and living space is clean too. They will not like to stay in a dirty and messy environment. Their potty should be replaced with new newspaper flooring every time or you cannot expect them to use it. These are really intelligent pets, so teaching them the basics will not be difficult. Just don’t forget to acknowledge their achievements by offering rewards.


  3. Groom the hair of your Yorkshire terriers every day. When you bathe them once a week, use a good pet shampoo and cream to make brushing easy. Free their hair from tangles as you brush. Trim the hair covering their eyes. Extra hair on their ears and feet need to be trimmed too, and also the hair that is nearest the anus area.

  4. As these are small animals that don’t consume too much, feed them healthy food all the time. This can assure them good nutrition and make them stronger against various diseases. This will definitely free you from worries.  It is also good to give them a variety of foods so they won’t get bored. Make sure you do not give them foods that are detrimental to their health like nuts and chocolates.

  5. Bring your Yorkshire terriers for a regular check-up with your vet. Let him administer vaccinations if needed. This will assure you that you are not taking any chances with their health. Let the vet recommend supplements if needed. Prevention is definitely better than cure, so make sure you don’t skip on this one.

  6. Spare some time for playing.  This is good exercise for your pets and will also serve as bonding time. These pets are sometimes emotional and tend to manifest sadness and loneliness in their eyes if you don’t show them love and affection.

Caring for your Yorkshire terrier takes a lot of patience, effort, care and love. They get stubborn at times and don’t follow commands when they are in a bad mood. Don’t let them get used to this, or you will have a hard time training them. Make sure they get more rewards and recognition than punishments. How to care for a Yorkshire terrier is an activity you will surely enjoy.


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