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How to Care for Abandoned Kittens

How to Care for Abandoned Kittens

It is heartbreaking to see abandoned kittens desperately crying for their mother cat to feed them. What if the mother cat has gone astray or is too ill to breast-feed multiple kittens or, at worst, dead from a vehicular accident? How to care for abandoned kittens is a noble task, and helping the less fortunate creations will always make you feel good. Ideally, kittens should stay with their mother until at least six weeks old, but their lives will be in your hands if this can’t be done. Here’s what to do if you find it in your conscience to take on the challenge:

  1. Finding a foster cat is the best possibility to be explored. Most lactating cats will not mind having some additions to their own. They are usually amenable to adopting other kittens. Call some veterinary clinics, animal centers, or your neighbors that you know have cats to check to see if they know of a mother cat somewhere.

  2. If the kittens are too young to eat solid foods or drink formulated milk for kittens on their own, you’ll have a more complicated responsibility to manually feed them using improvised milk bottles or syringes.

    e smaller the nipple or tip, the better. Rubbery nipples are better for kittens than silicone.

  3. Make sure that your newly adopted kittens are being kept warm by using either a hot water bottle or a heating pad with a towel around it. You can also use this warm towel to comfort the kittens while holding them in your arms or putting them on your lap. Use a moistened cloth to wipe their anal area or any other part of their body that is dirty.

  4. Furnish the kittens with a carton box with disposable bedding like old cloths. Place it in a small but safe corner. Let the kittens dwell in the box, but clean it thoroughly on a daily basis. The kittens might roll into their waste because they won’t know how to use a litter box yet. So before putting the kittens back into the box again after cleaning it, wipe each of them with a dampened cloth.

  5. Find time to visit your area’s veterinarian or shop around at pet stores for the right devices in feeding the kittens. Find a pet formula to start with based on the age of the kittens. You can also get the appropriate kitten bottles for them. A medicine dropper can also be used if a kitten has difficulty sucking the nipple of the kitten bottle. When they start to play and run around, start feeding them with diluted cat food. Use wet canned food and add some water to form a concentrated mixture consistent enough to be given using a medicine dropper or a syringe without the needle. Use this method if it can’t eat solid food on its own after it is three weeks old.

  6. Make it a habit to clean them after their feeding. You can start introducing the litter box to them when they are about four weeks old. Encourage them to play by playing with them also. This will exercise them and make their fragile bodies stronger. Place a clean piece of cloth in the box for them to cuddle up to if it is a cold night.

Nothing can replace the goodness of a mother cat’s milk, but your veterinarian can provide you with alternatives that can make them survive. They might not be as healthy as the ones raised by their own mother, but at least the time and effort you have dedicated for how to care for abandoned kittens will save their lives. If not, don’t despair because the survival rate for very young kittens not yet weaned from their mother is very low.


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