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How to Care for Bulldogs

How to Care for Bulldogs

Bulldogs have to be cared for like any other pets - although some areas are more delicate than others. How to care for bulldogs is concentrated more on their unique features, aside from the basic health and hygiene regimen. Since they have hairs that stick to almost anything and wrinkles that are unique to the breed – there are various additions in caring for them.

  1. Brushing the coat of your pet gently on a daily basis can put all those falling hairs in one place. They will be a lot easier to dispose of if they are not up in the air or scattered in different places.

  2. Do a forceful brushing of your pet using a softly solidified brush at least once weekly, but more often during spring or fall when hair shedding among bulldogs is excessive. This will enhance the blood circulation of the dog – and is a contributing factor to a shiny and healthy-looking coat.

  3. Put your bulldog on an alternative diet when you find signs of allergies or infections on its skin.

    hese can be in the form of rashes, wounds, bald spots or other irritations. Monitor closely and get a prescription from the veterinarian if there’s a need to give some medications. Do not ignore slight rashes – they can worsen if the dog keeps on scratching them because of itchiness.

  4. Walk your dog and give it chores so that it can exercise its muscles. It can also concentrate more when it has to balance the weight of a proportioned back pack while walking – not allowing distractions to make it behave badly while in the open. Just don’t abuse your dog by giving it too much heavy stuff to carry. Its short legs may not be able to support its weight and this can result in injuries to the joints.

  5. A bulldog’s wrinkled face may look fascinating, but these are crevices that can trap food and store moisture, which can be very irritating for the dog. Using a moistened rag, clean up each fold of the wrinkled face and jaw to eliminate whatever is trapped in there. Spoiled food in their wrinkles can be the source of bacterial infection in their skin. Seek advice from the veterinary clinic for external remedies for dog irritations.

  6. Find the section of your house where your bulldog can rest comfortably. Aside from a blanket, place a heating pad on its crate when the weather is cold. Make sure that the dog’s area is cleaned regularly. Any traces of foul smell can lead the dog away from the crate. It will automatically find another place when it’s not happy anymore with what you’ve provided.

Things have really changed a lot for bulldogs ever since the 18th century, when they were the major driver for bull baiting – being the baits themselves. How to care for bulldogs really depends on their breed and purpose. The above recommendations are more suited for indoor bulldogs that are house pets. If farmers rely on them for home security and hunting wild animals, they can be the best companion you can have nowadays.


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