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How to Care for Cats

How to Care for Cats

Humans and cats can have healthy lives under one roof – if their owners are responsible enough in giving them the proper care needed. They may have long lives – up to 20 years— but the quality of life will be dictated by the kind of environment they dwell in. There are indeed protocols on how to care for cats that will benefit not just the cats, but also the loving people around them. Cats, in their own ways, can return the positive treatments you bestowed upon them. The major things they need are:

  1. A once a year visit to the veterinarian is advised to make sure that your cat’s good health is maintained. Diseases can only worsen when not detected earlier. The needs of cats change as they age – so the vet can let you know in advance when there’s anything that has to be upgraded for them to live comfortably.

  2. Human foods can be fed to cats, but bear in mind that they are meat eaters by nature. Just make sure that they are able to get the needed nutrients from their diet. Also be aware that their waste will be smelly when eating fresh foods.

    oods are formulated to provide the right dietary combination that produces dry stools for easy litter keeping. Kitten foods are formulated differently from that of adult cats.

  3. It would be ideal if cats can just roam around freely to exercise or sunbath – but the real world is crueler than that. There’s a great possibility that they can be hit by a car, mistreated by animal haters, chased by dogs and catch infectious conditions. The best thing at this point in time is to let them live freely in an enclosed area. They can be in any corner of your property, as long as they can’t go out beyond the safe territory.

  4. Once you decide to keep cats indoors, make it a cat-friendly household. Know that cats need to chew some plants for system cleansing – so you may want to exclude poisonous plants from your garden. Do not expose them to electrical wirings, burners, washing machines, yarns and toilet supplies and tools.

  5. Schedule vaccinations. This will prevent them from being sick due to viruses. This will give you the peace of mind that you won’t bear the burden of taking care of a sick cat.

  6. Fleas, mites, ticks and worms are parasites that can threaten the health of your cat. Cats can become uncomfortable and irritable with their presence. Report the presence of parasites to your veterinary. There are sprays and powders that can make them go away.

  7. Children can be cruel to cats without knowing it. In addition, the cat can bite or scratch when it feels threatened. Make them safe from each other by showing your children the proper way of handling and dealing with cats.

  8. Cats can feel human stress. It can make them weak and gloomy. Death, new additions to the family, crowds, changes in the environment, boredom and loneliness are serious factors that affect not just you, but also your cats. Do not exclude your cats when dealing with these factors because the cats are part of the family also.

There are other revelations regarding how cats live but how to care for cats should not be new to owners who are attentive to their daily progress. It’s hard to ignore a restless cat. Let alone a sick one. React accordingly to make your life meaningful with cats.


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