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How to Care for Feral Cats

How to Care for Feral Cats

Feral cats are not so easy to care for. It takes a lot of effort and patience to even tame them. You must make them trust you by caring for them and keeping them safe from harm. This will give them the notion that you are not a threat. How to care for feral cats can be learned if you are keen in doing it. You have to tame them so you can eventually take them home. Follow these suggestions:

  1. Food is the best bait to encourage feral cats to come near you. Place the feeding container in its usual spot, along with a bowl of water. When it gets used to your regular feeding schedule, you can work on having your presence felt one step at a time. Feral cats definitely will take some time to get used to your presence.

  2. Try touching the feral cat on its back while it is eating. Talk as gently as you can and do not be overly confident that it will not have a violent reaction. When it finally allows you to touch it, it means you are close to success. Try grooming it with a piece of damp cloth. Unknowingly, you are already starting to care for it.

    Do not be discouraged if it takes quite a while to trust you.

  3. As soon as the feral cat is used to you. Provide a basket with warm cloths and leave it there after feeding. It will soon discover that the basket is a cozy place to take a nap. When it does, prepare food and water again just outside the basket and let the cat feed on it. Sheer diligence and patience are needed to achieve this.

  4. Make sure you tell your household members not to scare away the feral cat you are trying to win over and ask for their cooperation. Do not allow them to harm or chase away the cat as it feeds or sleeps.

  5. Stray cats are used to thriving in the wild. When they need care, they wander around. When they find a caretaker, especially one who continually feeds them, they will surely keep on coming back. This will give you the chance to persuade one to make your place its permanent dwelling. After this happens, take it to a vet to make sure it is not a carrier of any diseases; if it is, it can be given the proper medication.

  6. If the feral cat is sick, let it recover from its sickness first by following the vetÂ’s prescription and continue to care for it at home. It will show its appreciation for your efforts when it recovers.

Share what you have learned on how to care for feral cats with your friends and relatives. They might want to go through the same experiment later on. Show them the benefits and joy you experienced while doing it. We need to love our environment and one feral cat off the streets is a substantial contribution. It makes you some sort of a Good Samaritan.


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