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How to Care for Garden Snails

How to Care for Garden Snails

Though unusual, garden snails can be great pets. Whether you decide to just let them run around your garden or keep them in cozy container, these silent, little beings can thrive with a little help from you. What’s more, garden snails are especially beneficial to a water garden. They help promote the balance of the ecosystem by eating decomposing matter and loosening up the soil’s gravel. This guide will help you discover how to care for garden snails in the easiest and most practical manner.

  1. Step 1: Finding Snails

    Snails usually thrive in vegetable gardens, so keep looking under leafy greens for a cute, little crawler. You can just keep one if you like, but having a variety can be fun. If you want different types, separate the small ones from the big ones.

  2. Step 2: Housing Your Pet Snail

    If you have a plastic container that you no longer use, it can be a great home for your new pet snail.

    ou can also go to pet shops and purchase an aquarium. Make sure to use an aerated lid or top.

    Next, add soil to your snail’s home. If you got the soil from your garden, heat it in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes. This will kill any bacteria or bugs. To be absolutely sure that you are using healthy soil, purchase some terrarium soil from your local pet shop.

    Start personalizing your snail’s home by adding plants. You can use moss, grass, or weeds. Be creative. You can even add some pebbles or stones around the plants as well as other figures and decorations, which offer your snail hiding places.

  3. Step 3: Feeding Your Snail

    Snails can eat non-meat kitchen scraps since they are herbivores. Experiment to determine the types of vegetable or fruit scraps they like most, and plan your purchases with that in mind. Remember to put their food on top of some grass so it stays clean. However, some types of food can be harmful. Avoid acidic food, homegrown plants, starchy food, and salty food.

  4. Step 4: Maintenance

    Keep your snail’s home moist by spraying water on the soil and plants every other day. If you find that the container dries out easily, spray water as needed. Alternatively, add a sponge or rag soaked with water to keep the home moist. Moreover, to keep your snails healthy, spray them with water once a day. Use warm water when it’s cold and lukewarm water when it’s hot. Lastly, so that your snails have the nutrients needed to maintain their shells, put some calcium sources, such as egg shells, cuttlefish bones, or pure calcium supplements, in their home.

Garden snails are truly unique pets to have around. These steps on how to care for garden snails are actually quite easy to follow and inexpensive. Your kids will love having these humble and leisurely creatures around.


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