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How to Care for Goldfish

How to Care for Goldfish

Goldfishes can thrive easily in an aquarium when properly cared for. There are various considerations on how to care for goldfish to make their lives longer, so consider these following tips to keep your aquatic pets happy and healthy:  

  1. You can go for elaborate supplies and decorations, but the basic things you need aside from a well-lit aquarium tank are: a power strip, stable tank stand, feeds made specifically for goldfish, filter, different sizes of gravel, siphon, room temperature thermometer, cork board, some air stones, airline tubing, extra containers or buckets, ornaments, floating aquatic plants where the goldfish can hide and a freshwater test device.

  2. Do not overcrowd the aquarium. Get the surface area by multiplying the length and depth measurements in inches and divide the product by 30. It will give you the number of inches appropriate for the number of goldfish, depending on their sizes. For example, if the dividend is seven, you can keep seven 1-inch goldfishes or only three if they are about 2 inches long.

    not position the aquarium directly in the sunlight. This will cause overheating. Avoid outside elements that can fluctuate the water because fluctuation in water temperature is hazardous for the fish.

  3. Ensure thorough rinsing when cleaning the aquarium and other equipment, especially when they are newly-bought. Soap and other chemical-based products must not be used in cleaning them. Also do this process with the gravel, but stirring it constantly in a container will help in removing dirt faster.

  4. Arrange the under-gravel filter before adding the gravel. Prioritize covering the filter with some gravel first before placing the rest to fill up the bottom of the tank. This will stabilize the setup. Plants, air stones and tubes will be secured when there’s a minimum of 3 inches of gravel in the aquarium.

  5. Lay the foundation of the aquarium completely, including the decorative rocks appropriate for aquatic use only and not natural stones from the garden. Stones from the garden may contain microbes that will contaminate the water. Tap water is fine, but you can also treat it with water conditioner. Fill in the aquarium with water from the lightly adjusted faucet after letting it drain for 30 seconds. Mid-way streams are safer from calcium deposits. Once everything is in place, add more water, leaving only about an inch free from the top.

  6. Keep the electrical equipment away from water. Run a test of your aquarium’s cycle for a couple of weeks before adding the goldfish. Bind dangling cords so that they will not accidentally be submerged into the water. Cycle aids will be efficient in determining that the system is working well.

  7. Bring a paper bag when purchasing your gold fish. You need to cover them from light because they are sensitive to it. Insert the clear plastic bag containing the goldfish into the paper bag before travelling back home and dimming the lights. Let the plastic bag float in the aquarium before releasing the goldfish to make sure it adjusts to the water temperature of the aquarium. Just allow them to swim freely. Quarantine additional goldfishes before adding them to your existing school of fish.

  8. Change 1/4 of the water in the aquarium regularly every week. It is best to de-chlorinate the water by letting it sit in a container overnight before adding it into the system. Feed the fish preferably with floating flaky feeds, so that they won’t contaminate the water if they go uneaten.

How to care for goldfish includes not over-feeding them. Automatic feeders can track the number of feeds better than manual monitoring. Make use of one and enjoy your goldfish for a long time.


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