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How to Care for Granite Chippings in Garden

How to Care for Granite Chippings in Garden

You can use granite chippings to create a low-maintenance and beautiful garden. Almost any kind of plant can thrive with granite chippings as mulch, especially Mediterranean plants. Use them to encourage beautiful blooms and an excellent harvest all year round. They help lower maintenance needs and costs, as you don’t need to weed as much or use as too much fertilizer. Moreover, you can use less water and still maintain the required level of moisture in the soil. To get started, check out this guide on how to care for granite chippings in garden.

  1. Step 1: Prep the Soil

    Whether you are starting a garden from scratch or want to enhance the growth of your current garden, you can use granite chippings as a low-maintenance and effective mulch. If the soil in your garden is mostly clay, loosen the soil with a gardening spade and add plenty of organic compost into it. Check which areas of your garden are prone to washout, such as slopes or around downspouts, and prep the soil in these areas, as granite chippings will help stabilize them.

    Pull out any weeds or debris as you loosen the soil. This lessens the likelihood of any weeds germinating and removes anything that might interfere with the growth of your plants.

  2. Step 2: Laying Down the Foundation

    Cover the area around your plants with a permeable landscape fabric. This helps prevent any potential weed growth. Then, lay down a 3 to 4-inch layer of granite chippings on top. They enhance the appearance of your garden and make it easier for you to walk around the area.

  3. Step 3: Keep Your Garden Hydrated

    Granite chippings may get extremely hot and affect the growth of plants with shallow roots. So when the weather is sunny and hot, water your garden early in the morning and late in the afternoon. You could also set up an irrigation system by putting holes in a hose and keeping the water running to maintain the moisture in the soil. Alternatively, set up water bottles with holes in their caps upside down, and let them drip into the soil.

  4. Step 4: Schedule Periodic Cleaning of the Granite Chippings

    Clean off any dirt using a water hose for large areas or a spray bottle for a small area. If the weather is nice or sunny, do this once every two weeks. In case of rain, do this every week to clean off mud. Another easy way to clean granite chippings is with a leaf blower. Use it to send any debris flying.

Using granite chippings as mulch for your garden suppresses the growth of weeds, reduces evaporation, and enhances the quality of soil. Keep these basics on how to care for granite chippings in garden in mind to maintain a healthy garden for years to come.


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