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How to Care for Newborn Kittens

How to Care for Newborn Kittens

Kittens are like babies; when left alone they have little chance for survival.  It is just so ironic that sometimes they are abandoned by their mothers.  It could be that the mother cat was in a bad situation and had to flee or perhaps an unintentional separation due to negligence. Whatever the cause, the kittens are left under your care which makes it mandatory for you to know how to care for newborn kittens.  Relax, as it can be enjoyable too. Here are important recommendations:

  1. Determine the age of the kitten to know what you can give it for feeding. You can consult a vet for this and get his expert advice too. If the kittens are still very young, say perhaps only days old, you need to have a milk replacement formula or goat’s milk. Bear in mind that cow’s milk is not good for them as it can cause them diarrhea. Give the milk to the kitten using a dropper or a syringe without a needle.  Make sure when you feed them that their mouths are slightly tilted backward. Be sure to place the syringe or dropper in the side of the kitten’s cheek so as not to force the liquid in too rapidly and cause choking.

    think they are dehydrated, you can give a small dosage of Pedialyte before giving them any milk or kitten food.

  2. Ask the vet for needed vaccinations or medications if any are needed.  It is best that he verifies the kittens are free from any disease, infections, or parasites for your peace of mind so that you know they are not harmful to you or to any of your other pets. Learn how to give these medications to your kittens so that they get what they need in the right way.

  3. Provide a warm place for your kittens. You can use an empty box fitted with pieces of old carpeting. It is best to put a heating pad that is covered with blankets and towels to provide the kittens the warmth needed. Have a separate space in the box that is cooler in case the kittens find it too warm and want to move to a cooler area.

  4. Make sure the kittens’ place is kept clean all the time. A dirty living space for them will make them prone to disease and infections. Introduce the litter box to them when they are about four weeks old. Make sure that the sides are low enough to allow them to get in. Do not be disappointed when they are not able to use the litter box in the first few days. Once they get started, they will get used to it.

  5. Adjust the feeding schedule as the kittens get older. You can introduce canned kitten food for them especially made of fish. Scoop a little of this into a spoon and allow them to lick it. When they taste the food, lead them to a low bowl so you can just put the cat food in there regularly. Always provide a fresh bowl of water every day.  Cats need to be hydrated all the time.

  6. Introduce playtime when the kittens are older. They need the exercise to make their bodies active. To make sure you don’t get scratched when they play rough, cut their claws when they are asleep. You can also give them some improvised toys like a tied cloth formed into a circle or any available kitten toys from pet shops.

As your kittens get older, the efforts you need to exert to care for them will be reduced. It is a joy to see them grow to become healthy cats. Learning how to care for newborn kittens is really a big advantage for you to ensure their survival. Enjoy your new pets!


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