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How to Care for Saltwater Fish

How to Care for Saltwater Fish

Should you plan on setting up a saltwater aquarium at home, first learn how to care for saltwater fish. It should not be hard if you are equipped with enough information about the species that you want to put inside your aquarium. The environment in the fish tank should match the fishes’ natural habitat, especially the temperature.  Here are guidelines to help you on this:

  1. Determine what kind of fish you want to put in your aquarium. Guppies and gold fish are ideal because they are not very sensitive.  These are available at most pet shops and are easy to take care of. Study their characteristics thoroughly. Make sure that each of them can live in harmony with other species.  Having one that will feed on other smaller fishes will leave you with one killer fish in the end.

  2. Maintain your tank properly. Make a schedule for water replenishments and replacements.  Use only de-chlorinated water to keep the desired water level. You have to check your fish every day as well.  Do not expose your live fishes to the dead ones for too long.

    a fish is sick, remove it and quarantine it in a small fish bowl as you search for ways to save it.

  3. Make it a habit to check on the water salinity and water tank gravity.  When replenishing water that has evaporated, there is no need to add salt mix. Only do this when you are replenishing at least 25 percent of the water.  Add in iodine and calcium as needed.

  4. Feed your salt water fish at least twice daily.  Do not over-feed them as the unconsumed food will just rot in water – triggering the growth of harmful micro-organisms.  Make sure the food is eaten within five minutes of providing it. Remember the most effective and economical quantity of food and continue feeding your fish that amount in the future. Provide a variety of fish food. Like humans and other pets, fish will have a good appetite if their food is not always the same. If you provide the same foods for a long period of time, they will surely get bored with them.  It will just contaminate the water in your tank.

  5. Make it a point to check your electrical mechanisms from time to time. The temperature of the water should be stable at all times.  Check to ensure that the heater is working.  The filter pad should be cleaned or replaced once it is worn out.  If you have a bubble maker, make sure it is working too. The grounding is really important as saltwater is a conductor of electricity.  You do not want to get electric shocks whenever you get near your aquarium.

  6. Make yourself visible to your fishes more often.  Treat them like any other pet.  You will notice that they have retentive memory. Whenever they see you, they will swim close to you and try to impress you with their moves.

Keeping saltwater fishes in an aquarium is a worthwhile hobby.  Some get addicted to caring for and just watching the fishes as they navigate through the water.  It is believed to be a very therapeutic activity. Learn how to care for saltwater fish to ensure that your fishes will live long lives.  There is a sense of achievement in doing this because it is a worthwhile hobby that is also entertaining.  This is also a good way to teach children discipline and responsibility in caring for other living things.


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