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How to Care for Stray Kittens

How to Care for Stray Kittens

Some kittens are left astray for a number of reasons. It could be that the mother cat was in a life-threatening condition and had to run away leaving behind its weaker kittens that could not catch up. Or maybe the mother cat is suffering from a serious feline disease which makes it unable to care for her young.  Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to know how to care for stray kittens when you find one. These are some suggestions you can undertake:

  1. Do not go near a stray cat right away. Observe first if the mother cat is just nearby. If it is, it can still go to the kitten and carry it away by biting it on the back of its neck. If you are around, the mother cat will not dare go near the kitten for fear that you will cause it harm.

  2. Should the kitten really be abandoned, catch it if you can and make it as gentle as possible. You can attempt to go near it slowly and reach out to touch it on the forehead. You can give it cat food to immediately win its trust. You can guess its age and choose the right cat food you should give.


  3. Have the stray kitten checked by the veterinarian first. It could be suffering from a disease or have some internal and external parasites that can be harmful to you or to your other pets. It is best to be cautious on this matter. Also, let the vet estimate the age of the kitten so he can recommend the right kind of cat food to feed it.

  4. If your baby cat is still very young, you might have to feed it through a dropper or syringe with a milk replacement. Ask your vet what kind of milk you can give the stray kitten. Ordinary cow’s milk is not good for them as it can cause diarrhea and indigestion. Ask also how often it should be fed. As it gets older, train it to eat on its own. Put a low bowl with appetizing wet cat food in it that it can easily partake of and digest. Make the necessary adjustment in the feeding as your stray kitten gets older.

  5. Make a makeshift warm place for your stray kitten. A box stuffed with old, warm clothing will serve the purpose. A kitten definitely needs warmth, so an added hot water bottle wrapped with a towel or a warming pad can be placed inside your cat’s living place. Make sure it allows space for it to move in case it finds it is too warm.

  6. Keep your cat’s litter box and bed clean. You can also groom your stray kitten by using a damp cloth especially at its anal area to clean it up. They should not be given a bath as it is not their nature to bathe in water.

  7. Finally, teach your new pet some discipline. You can put a litter box in your cat’s area and let it stay there after feeding. Make sure this is cleaned up after it defecates so it won’t hesitate next time it needs to. Some cats are fussy.

Caring for stray kittens is an effort, but it is fun and enjoyable too. You cannot help but fall in love with them as they are like babies and very vulnerable. You cannot imagine what will happen to them without your care especially the very young ones. Be ready to know how to care for stray kittens when you have the chance to do so. Destiny might have played a role for you to acquire a new pet that can really be a joy to you and your family.


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