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how to cash a check at a grocery store

how to cash a check at a grocery store

Cashing a check need not be done at a bank only.  Some big grocery stores offer this function also for a service charge. This is very convenient especially to those people who don’t have any bank account.  It just has its advantages and disadvantages.   The procedures also vary for each grocery store.  Here are ways on how to cash a check at a grocery store:

  1. Choose a grocery store that you frequently go to.  You may have their store card, and chances are they already have your identification card and other basic information like address, Social Security number, and contact details in their files.  Some outlets are equipped with database software making it easier for verification purposes.

  2. There are procedural similarities and differences on cashing checks in a bank or in a grocery store.  Certainly, both have their internal rules that you have to follow.  First and foremost, they ask for the proper identification, preferably your driver’s license and Social Security card.

    ernment-issued ID’s are also acceptable depending on their policy.  Most grocery stores only accept paychecks and unemployment checks and not personal checks unlike banks who also accept personal checks as long as they are funded.

  3. Study the fees.   Grocery stores usually charge a flat rate or a percentage of the amount of the check.  Banks normally do not charge any fees for account holders and a minimal fee for non-account holders. Cashing a check in a grocery store, though, will save you a trip to the bank especially when you are not an account holder, thereby saving you time and extra effort.

  4. Speaking of time, a grocery store has longer operating hours than banks.  They also can give the cash right away after making verifications.  A bank usually waits for your check to clear before you can be given your cash.  The normal clearing time is three days for regular checks and five to seven working days for out-of-town checks.  Though they can also pay you outright for checks that are not crossed, especially checks made payable to “cash.”

  5. Amount restrictions should also be considered.  Grocery stores do have a maximum amount in cashing checks, and they tend to refuse large amounts.  A bank normally doesn’t do this but will require advance notice if you intend to cash a large amount. Otherwise, you will have to wait a longer time while they put the amount together.  If they still cannot complete it, then, chances are, you will have to come back the next day.

  6. Safety is also to be considered.  It is relatively safer cashing checks in a bank than in grocery stores especially if the amount is very substantial.  Activities in a grocery store are more visible to other clients and possibly criminal elements. It is important not to carry around your money especially if you opt to purchase groceries after you have already cashed your check to save yourself a trip.  Criminals may be watching you looking for their opportunity to rob you as you’re walking through the grocery store shopping.

You do have options where to cash your check, but weigh your pros and cons.  How to cash a check at a grocery store requires procedures just like in banks.  It is suggested that you study where it is advantageous to you in terms of time, safety, convenience, and savings.  It is really all up to you to make the correct choice now, and there’s no need for you to open a bank account if you just need this service.


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