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how to cash a check with no ID

how to cash a check with no ID

A person who has no ID does not have the right to complete any transactions with financial institutions.  Banks require at least one or two valid IDs when cashing a check. There are situations, however, that you may happen to lose your purse containing your IDs just prior to the time when you need to cash a check. You need the money immediately, but it will take a few days to get your replacement IDs. Here are some helpful tips on how to cash a check with no ID:

  1. Ask a trusted friend to deposit the check into his or her account with your endorsement. The friend can then give you the cash once the amount in the check is reflected in his account. To correctly endorse the check, turn over the check on the back and sign the endorsement section. Most checks have this section marked by a line. If it's not marked, position the check so the left side is at the top, then flip the check over left-to-right. Sign at the top. The cash can be withdrawn within 24 hours if deposited into an ATM account.

  2. You can also deposit the check into your checking account at an ATM.

    Once you have endorsed the check, it can be deposited into an ATM from your bank’s branch. You will wait for several days before the funds will be available in your ATM account.

  3. Inquire at a Money Mart store near your area. They are check cashing professionals. They cash personal checks in any amount with no ID required. They also accept payroll, government, out-of-state, money orders, and traveler's checks. Money Mart’s people are trained to ask for information in a friendly way to determine identification but may require no ID.

  4. Request a local check cashing store to cash the check. Some grocery stores and other large merchants will cash certain kinds of checks which they believe are legitimate. If you are a frequent customer, they can cash your payroll checks or government checks. Sometimes some stores may not accept personal checks from unknown individuals. Merchants usually charge a minimal service fee for cashing a check for you. Many merchants and banks will not cash third-party checks because they are often stolen.

  5. Do not sign or endorse your check in advance unless you are performing the transaction right away. If you misplace an endorsed check on the way to the bank or when cashing it in a store, anyone who finds the check can cash it immediately.

  6. Contact the issuing bank to ensure that there are sufficient funds for the check you endorsed or cashed through a friend. If not, you will owe your friend money from bank penalties.

  7. Go to your bank and negotiate with the bank representative. Make sure to bring any of your supporting documents such as a Social Security card, bank statement, birth certificate, or motor vehicle registration. As standard procedure in the banking system, banks require a customer's primary identification cards before opening an account. Ask the banking representative to review your account file to prove your identity. If the bank is convinced, you may cash your check.

The above tips on how to cash a check with no ID will be helpful when you happen to be in such situations. Remember that an identification card is a significant thing each individual must have. Protecting your IDs at all times is strongly advised. You will need them not just for banking transactions but also in many other circumstances. Be cautious about your personal belongings anywhere you go to prevent losing important documents and having to go through extra steps in order to cash a check with no ID.


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