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how to cash a check without a bank account

how to cash a check without a bank account

Issuing a check as payment to anyone for the purchase of a commodity, for payment for services or any item at all is common these days.  It is much more convenient and safer than paying outright cash especially if the amount is quite substantial.  It is not mandatory for anyone to have a bank account to be able to cash a check.  Here is the procedure on how to cash a check without a bank account:

  1. Before accepting the check, examine it closely.  The check should be drawn in your name or payable to “cash.”  It should not be crossed or bearing two lines on the top, left-hand portion of the check.  Also, there should be no stamp “for payee account only” as this means that these checks need to be deposited to the payee’s account; cashing it is not allowed.  Make sure that the amount in figures is the same as the amount in words.  There should be no erasures. But in case there are any, they should bear the signature of the account holder of the check on top of the erasure.

  2. Be ready with at least two, valid, picture ID’s preferably government issued.

    t or driver’s licenses are examples.  Some banks also accept credit cards bearing your picture as a valid ID.  Make sure that your signature on all the ID’s you present is the same.  Also, the validity of the ID’s must be current and not expired.

  3. Go to the local branch of the bank shown on the face of the check.  Most banks currently allow you to cash your check in any of their branches meaning not necessarily at the branch where the issuer of the check holds the account.  They have a way of verifying the signature of their account holders through computer software programs that store these specimen signatures.  It should not take very long, but be patient in case it does.

  4. Approach a teller in the bank when it is your turn.  Hand her the check you want to cash along with two of your valid ID’s.  You can already write your name, address, and signature at the back of the check beforehand to avoid delays.   She will probably ask you to sit down and wait for a while as she will have to verify the details of the check and your credentials.

  5. When everything is finally verified including the sufficiency of the account balance of the person who issued the check, the teller will call you again and give you your money.  She will ask you to sign again at the back of the check signifying that you indeed received the cash.  If there are problems, like an insufficiency in the account balance, then you have to call the person who issued the check.

  6. If no cash was given to you due to whatever reasons, the check should be returned to you from the bank teller along with your ID’s.

  7. In cases where the issuing bank does not have a local branch in your area, you can also have the check cashed from local check-cashing centers.  They, more or less, have the same procedures as cashing the check in a bank except that they will charge you a fee.

How to cash a check without a bank account should be easy if you just follow the procedures given above.  Just be careful in handling the cash as soon as you are out of the bank or check-cashing center.  Many undesirable people frequent these places to observe those who are cashing their checks.  Do not be their next victim.  If you have a car, go straight inside and lock the doors.  Banks usually have security guards so it should be safe for you.


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