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how to cash a check without ID

how to cash a check without ID

Are there ways on how to cash a check without ID? The answer is yes, although under normal banking practices, cashing a check requires the presentation of an ID by the payee. The purpose of exhibiting an ID is to ensure that the person presenting the check is the payee or the one legally entitled to the proceeds of the check. At the same time, the check must be presented in order to eliminate fraudulent transactions and to uphold the fiduciary relationship between the drawer and the drawee bank. In the U.S., the Patriot Act referring to identification requirements took effect sometime in 2003. As a result thereof, the law expressly requires banks and other financial entities to gather identification cards from their individual clients, particularly those who are using the wire transfer service and those setting up a new bank account. This requisite of the law does not necessarily cover check cashing; however, many banks apply the same requirement in cashing checks. Nonetheless, under certain limits a check can still be cashed without an identification card. Here's how.

  1. Endorse the check. Endorsing means that you have to affix your signature on the back of the check. The endorsee will then deposit the check into his bank account. Once the deposit is made, after the lapse of twenty-four (24) hours the amount of the deposited check can be withdrawn by the endorsee and eventually given to you.

  2. Find a person that fully recognizes your identity.  The presentation of an identification card before your check can be converted into cash is a form of security measure. However, if a person already knows your personal identity, the presentation of an identification card can be dispensed with.

  3. Look for a check cashing store. In the United States and Canada, Money Mart is a known store that converts checks into cash sans the presentation of an identification card. Although the store’s representatives will ask and verify information about your identity, they may not require you to present an identification card.

  4. Negotiate with a bank. You can still convert your check into cash if you negotiate with your primary bank. Instead of an identification card, you can request that you be allowed to present any identifying document such as bank statements, birth certificate, or a social security card. Ask the bank’s representative in a polite manner, so you will get a favorable response.

  5. Use an MCAS Card. Any Mexican citizen using a Matricula Consular de Alta Seguridad (MCAS for brevity) can convert a check into cash before any accredited MCAS bank in California without the need of an identification card.

  6. Encashment of a check worth $100 or below. There are a number of banks or financial entities that do not require the presentation of an identification card in converting a check into cash when the amount involved is less than $100. So, if the amount of your check is less than a hundred U.S. dollars, you don’t have to worry about the identification card requirement for check encashment purposes.

Banks and check cashing institutions cannot be faulted in putting up a stringent rule on the presentation of an identification card in cases of check encashment. The exceptions to this rule are extraordinary. The application of the exceptions puts the bank or check cashing store at risk of getting defrauded. Thus, don't be surprised if there are times that your check can neither be honored nor cashed. At any rate, however, the enumerations above on how to cash a check without ID should be of help to you.

kim Jun 18, 2014

i called and got permission from a check cashing store we have acct with but once we got there it was a different story they said the check should have been cashed a few days after receiving and they had no way to verify we had an expired id but were told not kindly to leave the store and still havent cashed the check


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