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How to Catch a Stray Kitten

How to Catch a Stray Kitten

If you intend to bring home a nice but untamed kitten you found outdoors, better prepare yourself first for how to catch a stray kitten. It might be resistant to what you’re trying to do, but it’s because you are still a stranger to it, and its instincts are telling it not to trust you yet. Just keep your cat carrier handy whenever you drive through the area where you previously spotted the stray kitten. Protect your hands also by wearing gloves when trying to grab it to avoid injuries.  Here are more tricks:

  1. Don’t scare the kitten away with the noise of your car or footsteps. Move closely to where you spotted it. If it will run away from you during your first attempt, so it is important to bring an aromatic cat treat like seafood-based cat food. Place some cat food within eyesight and watch for it to get close to your bait. It might want some more after tasting the treat, so add some more food, but this time place it a lot closer to where you are.

  2. Hungry cats will be lured by kind humans so easily.

    y will remember your smell as well. It will be tamer than the first time it saw you when you feed it the second time or many times thereafter. If you do not have the time to keep on coming back for the kitten, just be aggressive by grabbing the back of its neck, and you’ll see that it will become defenseless right away. You can then firmly place the kitten inside the cat carrier.

  3. Give the kitten time to get used to you before you start picking it up with your bare hands or simply petting it. Feeding it regularly is enough to tame it in the initial stages. You can feel that it is seeking your attention when it voluntarily presses its head and body against your feet, for example.

  4. Start setting up its own territory within your household consisting of its cozy sleeping corner, feeding station, and litter box. Allow it to familiarize itself with the setup first, and then reward it with delicious treats when it has behaved well. At this stage, you can make some loving gestures to it, clean it up, and play with it as your own pet.

  5. Get it examined by a veterinarian for preventive measures. You may decide to have it spayed if you do not want more kittens. Flea spraying is also necessary if you find some fleas on it. Your vet can advise you if he or she finds symptoms of underlying diseases in your kitten. If it seems undomesticated and has difficulties dealing with people, it may be a feral cat and too old to be tamed as a house pet. Might as well return it to the wild before it can hurt anyone.

You will definitely need some courage on how to catch a stray kitten. Remember that the kitten will be more afraid of you even if you have no confidence in overpowering it. If you see its mother around, consider adopting it as well. It will be easier for you to take care of the kitten when the mother cat is around nourishing, cleaning, and teaching it good behaviors. It might be a little more difficult to catch a cat than a kitten, but if you know how to apply the firm grip at the back of its neck, you can do it very well. Now you can have not only one but two pets of your very own.


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