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How to Catch your Husband Cheating

How to Catch your Husband Cheating

Part of your responsibility in safeguarding the integrity and health of a marriage is to ensure that nothing threatens it from outside. Where and how to catch your husband cheating are helpful to know in such a situation. Temptations always abound, and a lack of vigilance on the wife’s part may allow a man room to play around. That’s not to say that a cheating husband is the result of a wife’s negligence. But keeping careful watch over your husband’s ways and habits will enable you to catch something earlier, before it becomes an actual threat. Where your family’s welfare is concerned, no effort is too great.

  1. Cover the basics. From the start, mutually agree to be transparent about each other’s online and phone use. Know each other’s passwords, and when possible, use a single account. Know your way around the computer and his phone, and keep track of what he does on there. This may seem like invasion of privacy but if your husband is seriously committed to becoming one with you, to having a union with you – and you with him – then there should be no privacy issue.

    the computer’s history; if he’s suddenly emptying the cache after using the computer, he’s hiding something. Also monitor his phone’s inbox, outbox, sent box, and message and call logs. If your husband’s phone has a gaps function, learn to use it to monitor his whereabouts.

  2. Check the bills. Keep careful watch of expenses, especially for unexplained spending for flowers, hotels, jewelry, lingerie, or anything out of the ordinary. Bank transactions may provide records of unexplained ATM cash withdrawals to avoid leaving traces of credit card purchases, so monitor that as well. Watch his car’s odometer and his gas receipts to see if there are unexplained increases in mileage and gas usage. It may indicate extra trips and secret meetings.

  3. Create unpredictability. For a wife and mother, routine is good. Routine keeps you sane. But keep enough variety in your schedule so that your husband can’t always tell when you will show up. Make surprise visits to his office or place of business, or unexpected calls during the day. These random visits shouldn’t have to be investigatory; make it romantic and you will only be reinforcing your bonds. The more he gets used to your sudden appearances, the more he can’t take you for granted.

  4. Cast a net. Set booby traps. If you suspect your husband of cheating, put voice-activated recorders in his car. Hide a baby alarm near your house phone so you can listen in on his conversations from somewhere else in the house. Leave a disguised nanny cam in the house when you have to be away for a length of time. Try to befriend his friends so that if he’s out, you can call someone to verify his whereabouts.

  5. Changes in habits. Carefully observe his personal habits, his daily hygiene, exercise, clothing routines. A renewed and unexplained zeal in improving his appearance could indicate an outside attraction. Likewise, a sudden change in his attentiveness, solicitousness, sexual appetite, could all be giveaway signs as well. Some guys become distant and detached when having an affair; others just get an increased zest for life. But a sudden marked change in his habits, if not triggered by a life crisis such as a medical or career problem, could indicate that something else is going on.

Guard your marriage by guarding your husband. It may sound counter-productive to say you trust your husband and then do all this monitoring and checking. But it’s better to learn how to catch your husband cheating before anything serious happens; to nip it in the bud, so to speak, than to have to go through a painful marital upheaval. You can do it, and you should.


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