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how to celebrate Christmas

how to celebrate Christmas

Most Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25 and Christmas Eve on the 24th. How to celebrate Christmas depends on the cultural and religious beliefs of an individual, but the primary idea is to spend some time with loved ones. This is to commemorate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ into this world. This is the time of year for showing kindness to as many people as possible--not only to family members, relatives, and friends but to everybody regardless of race. Here’s how to celebrate this festive season traditionally:

  1. Show your kind thoughts to people that you care about living far away from home by sending your Christmas wishes through Christmas cards. Store-bought Christmas cards normally include New Year messages as well. You can also make your own personalized greetings by making them yourself using your computer.

  2. Decorate your home with a Christmas tree with all the trimmings;  Christmas lights, a replica of the guiding star, glittering balls, hanging angels,  Santa Claus figurines, colorful strings, and buntings.

    u can make these decorations manually or opt for ready-made Christmas sets available at the malls.

  3. Buy gifts for the special people around you and place them under the Christmas tree to be distributed during Christmas day. Some people might have them ready even a month before, but the nine-day period before Christmas is enough based upon the journey of the three kings as per  recorded history.

  4. Buy scented mistletoe to hang in your doorway. It brings the season into the air when people passing through your door are kissing each other as per tradition. Natural scents like citrus, garden fresh, and strawberry are recommended. However, some people might be irritated with chemical-based perfumes.

  5. Enhance the ambiance of your property to contribute to the overall Christmas village atmosphere using outdoor lights. They will look glorious on trees, gardens, and any special stationary object. Make sure that safety measures are undertaken to avoid the dangers of fire and electrocution.

  6. Inspire children with Christmas myths to get their best behavior. Let them write their own Christmas wish list.

  7. Encourage children to hang stockings on their doorknob for Santa to grant their gift wishes when they are good as per the Christmas storybooks. You can prepare the gift on their wish list so as not to disappoint them. You can even play Santa if you like.

  8. Fill your home with joyful Christmas carols. Have that Christmas CD collection ready for a non-stop musical flair. They can be more appreciated when the volume is set for easy listening.

  9. Plan your Christmas food menu after the midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Do not neglect the customary recipes like cheese balls, ham, turkey, fruit salad, and your favorite desserts. It’s ideal to have them ready prior to the church mass in your neighborhood.

  10. Organize your family to attend the Christmas midnight mass. Secure a seat early because the church can become really crowded just before the official mass. This is also a great opportunity to bump in to neighbors and childhood friends whom you have not seen for a long time.

How to celebrate Christmas is not mandatory. This is totally a personal choice for families.  Some might make it very grand, but others with a minimal budget can just make do with what they can afford. Many humanitarian people would rather skip the festivities and go to orphanages, prison cells, and hospitals instead to share their blessings with the unfortunate ones. Though Christmas is the time for giving, this is not referring to monetary or material favors alone. Offering time, care, and even just a smile are always enough to lighten someone else’s Christmas!


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