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how to celebrate your wedding anniversary

how to celebrate your wedding anniversary

Are you still wondering about how to celebrate your wedding anniversary without spending too much? Most couples find time to celebrate their wedding anniversary simply because it helps them realize how far they have come as a husband and wife. It is also a chance to assess where they are heading and what their plans are for the future. There are so many ways to commemorate and celebrate a wedding anniversary. Let us discuss some of the most common choices:

  1. Don’t forget to exchange gifts. Although there are couples who forgo giving gifts to each other, you should still consider exchanging a small token on your anniversary. It need not be something extravagant, but anything special will do like a romantic poem or a card containing a few lines about your love as a husband and wife.

  2. Revisit your wedding videos and photos. Take time to review some of your videos and photos of your wedding day. Prepare popcorn and fresh fruit juice, cuddle on the couch, and then recollect your beautiful moments while going through your pictures and videos.

    If there are a number of old friends you can find in the videos and photos; try to recollect how faithful they have been to you through the years.

  3. Relive your very first dance again. Play your favorite song since when you were still lovers, take each other’s hands, and spin across the floor. If you had a choreographed dance during your wedding day, try to see if you still remember the moves. To lighten up the moment, laugh together whenever you do the wrong dance steps.

  4. Visit your reception site. It is very refreshing to have a dinner date at the reception area of your wedding. Remember some of the special dishes that were served on your wedding day and order the same for your dinner. Talk to some of the staff at the site and see if they still remember you after so many years that have passed.

  5. Take another honeymoon. If you have a budget, go back to the place where you spent your honeymoon. If not, just go to another romantic getaway. Feel the ambiance of the place and de-stress yourselves by walking hand in hand. Savor the love that you have been sharing by spending quality time with each other.

  6. Renew your commitment. You can do it privately by reciting once again your vows. If you like, you can prepare a good dinner and invite some of your closest friends to come over to witness your renewal of vows. Ask a local pastor or priest to informally officiate your renewal of vows. It’s all up to you.

  7. Drink your favorite champagne. Buy the signature cocktail served during your wedding day, light a candle, and toast one another. As you drink, talk about some of the happiest moments you have shared for the past year.    

  8. Relive your wedding night with great lovemaking. The wedding night is the moment when the groom and the bride can completely unwind alone and consummate their vows as a husband and wife. Recreate your wedding night in order to have a great start for the next year of your life together. Make your room very inviting, light a few candles, cover the bed with fresh rose petals, play your favorite music, wear your sexiest lingerie, and make love for the whole night.

The tips above on how to celebrate your wedding anniversary should work for you. Take time to make your spouse happy on such a very special day. Express gratitude for the years that you’ve been through. Express hope that you, as a couple, will achieve more in life. Don’t forget to whisper an anniversary prayer that God may shower you with more blessings in the years to come.


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