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How to Change Eye Color Naturally

How to Change Eye Color Naturally

The natural color of our eyes is genetically acquired. We cannot change the color of our eyes without the help of medical science and technology, but this article will show you that learning how to change eye color naturally is possible in the convenience of your own home. See some suggestions below:

  1. Wear colored clothes that enhance your eye color. It is true that wearing certain colors will affect the way your eye color is perceived. If you want to bring out the bluish color in your eyes, wear brown and gold-colored clothes. To create a green-eye effect, look for clothes with shades of violet and lavender from your closet. Wear them when going out with friends. Brown eye color will be enhanced by green apparel on a bright sunny day.

  2. Wear eye shadow that creates the desired reflection in your eyes. When you use dark eye shadow, your eyes look brighter than normal. Golden eye shadow will reveal the bluish pigmentation of your eyes. The combination of colored eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara will bring out the green or amber color in your eyes.

  3. Create colorful spots in your home. Color variety will accentuate your eye color and make your home cozier. There are actual patterns of color that will facilitate the reflection of specific hues from your eyes. These can be researched on the internet on home and lifestyle websites.

  4. Conduct an experiment with different kinds of lighting. Light can create a variety of colorful effects. Green pigmentation will naturally appear due to the reflection of sunlight from your eyes. There’s no need to include florescent light in your experiment. It will not generate any eye reflection.

  5. Make eye drops to lighten your eye color. You will need honey, water, and one MSM capsule. You will also need an eye dropper. Buy a bottle of eye drops since you cannot buy a dropper alone. Choose the cheapest available eye drop from the drugstore and remove or transfer the fluids into a sterilized plastic container.

  6. Put half a cup of water into a pan and heat it for a few minutes. Pour some honey in, making sure it is all-natural honey. Blend the ingredients well and then remove them from the heat. Take the MSM capsule and pour its powder contents into the honey mixture. Mix them together well. Let them cool for several minutes. Take enough solution and load it into the empty bottle of the eye dropper you purchased previously. It is now ready for use as a clarifying and lightening eye drop.

  7. Use contact lenses. Choose colored contact lenses if you want shades other than your own eye color. Contact lenses were initially manufactured to correct eye problems. That’s why they should be prescribed by eye care experts. Since the market is now flooded with fashionable contact lenses, make sure to only buy them from legally authorized distributors to prevent damage to your eyes.

If you learn how to change eye color naturally following the above tips, you will be thrilled at the results. Your safety and comfort are absolutely necessary. So if you are not sure about MSM capsules, feel free to consult an ophthalmologist about their use.


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