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How to Change Your Appearance

How to Change Your Appearance

There are situations in which the question of how to change your appearance may come up. A costume party, for instance. Or you may need to hide your identity, put on a disguise for security or privacy purposes, or to celebrate a new phase of life, such as graduation, a recent relationship change, or sudden shift of financial status. Whatever the reason, changing one’s appearance requires work. It is very rare that a person undertakes changing his whole appearance at one go. We seldom notice it, but we often fall into a rut, looks-wise. We almost always come to a point where life gets the better of us, and we just put on the same clothes day in and day out, keep the same hairstyle for years, and do the same thing over and over. Before we know it, we’ve gotten so used to seeing our same old face in the mirror that we find it shocking and displeasing to change even the way we part our hair. We need to shake ourselves out every now and then, if only to keep our looks fresh and updated. Here are ways you can give yourself a makeover and change your appearance.

  1. Change your hair.

    n the looks department, people tend to get stuck with the same hairstyle for years. We find a cut that looks good on us, or that suits our lifestyle, is easy to maintain, and then we go get the same thing every time we go to the salon. People are most afraid to switch hairstyles, possibly because hair can be such a quick attention-getter. This is the reason why we often see people whose hairstyles still look the same as it did 20 years ago. It’s good if the style does suit him or her, but more often than not, it only looks dated.

    The best way to change your hairstyle is just make up your mind to do it, find hairstyles that you like, go to a hairdresser you trust, and discuss the suitability of the style with your type of hair and facial features. If the results are good, you’ll be a happy camper. If not, hair will grow out. Just prepare to be shocked and then roll with it. If getting a haircut is too much of a leap, try parting your hair differently, use curling or flat irons if you’ve never used them before, or experiment with hair products that change the appearance of your hair. Also, you could try a different color. All these are quick changes, but the results can be dramatic.

  2. Use makeup. Both men and women can significantly change the appearance of their face with makeup, growing facial hair (men), or going through surgical procedures. While the latter is costly and sometimes irreversible, makeup and facial hair are not. Both men and women can use makeup differently to achieve a change in appearance. In terms of facial hair, men can grow a moustache, goatee, or a beard.

  3. Switch your wardrobe up. Our daily clothes make the loudest statement in terms of appearance. Does it scream yuppy? Soccer mom? Down-and-out artist? Rocker bohemian? Changing our clothes, especially if done head to foot and in a style completely unlike our usual getup, can make people do a double-take. If hippy goes hip-hop, preppy goes grunge, or goth goes yuppy, then that would result in a major appearance overhaul.

You can choose which option to take or do them all, depending on whether you just want a subtle or a very dramatic change. Going all out on all the steps above can make people see you in a whole new light. It can be fun, quick and painless, and may in fact change your life. So get started and see just far you can go in applying these tips on how to change your appearance.


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