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How to Change Your Look with Makeup

How to Change Your Look with Makeup

Do you want to know how to change your look with makeup? It’s easy, and here you’ll find out how. Makeup is a very friendly, useful tool to change one’s appearance quickly and painlessly. There are no needles, hospital stays, or need for medical intervention. Cosmetics can be found and bought anywhere. Tutorials abound, videos overflow. There’s no end in sight to the ways makeup can be applied and utilized. If you want to get in on the fun, read on.

  1. If you’ve been using makeup for a long time, check your methods. It may be that you have fallen into a convenient rut so you can apply your makeup in the shortest time possible. If you find that you’ve fallen behind, update your style, your makeup palette, and your techniques. If you can’t live without heavy eyeshadow, try a neutral palette. If you’re used to a natural, barely-there look, go all out and do a smoky shadow with cat’s eye and red lips: you’ll be surprised at how quickly it can change your appearance from an innocent ingénue fresh out of school, to a vampy femme fatale on a night out in town.

  2. Play up your eyes. Eyes, being the window to the soul, can really make a dramatic change in one’s appearance. Just changing the way you apply eyeliner can give you the look of a simple student or a seductive siren. The trick is to work with what nature gave you and adjust your natural features with cosmetics. If the outward corners of your eyes tend to go down, giving you a droopy, sleepy-eye look, apply a winged or cat’s eye—these instantly give your eyes a lift and make you look fresher, younger, and more alert. Smoky eyes, on the other hand, could make you look more mature, a woman of the world, but smoky eyes in an earth-tone palette will dramatize your eyes and still manage to look natural.

    Also, using mascara can change the way your eyes look by making them appear larger and the whites clearer. Don’t forget your eyelashes and eyebrows: they frame the face and change how your eyes look. When you play up your eyes, it immediately draws attention and gives the impression of a totally different look than how others are used to seeing you.

  3. Emphasize your lips. The lips can be subtly altered to appear a different shape, or made to look fuller, with the skillful use of makeup. You can apply lip foundation to disguise the natural lip lines and hold lipstick longer; then use lip liner to draw a new outline. Enlarge the lips by drawing an outline just slightly outside the natural lip line and then apply lipstick. Adding gloss just on the middle will give you the appearance of fuller, plumper, more kissable lips. You may think that your lips are what they are and won’t make much of a difference in your overall appearance. Well, let go of that the thought. Study how Clara Bow and Greta Garbo changed the contour of their lips and you’ll see the difference.

If you’ve been using makeup for a long time and think there’s nothing else you can do with makeup to change your appearance, think again. New products and tools are being developed all the time. New ways of applying makeup continue to be developed and introduced on the market. Top cosmetologists and fashion trend-setters continue to innovate and improvise. Watch the fashion runways: each season, they showcase new trends and looks that are fresh and new. Not that you should copy every new fad that comes along, but learning from the experts can really help you go a long way in answering your question of how to change your look with makeup.


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