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How to Change Your Name

How to Change Your Name

Changing one’s name is allowed as long as there is no intention to deceive people. A lot of people are able to change their names without much difficulty and it is also inexpensive. You can also do the same. Carefully pick a name you’d like to use and be known for. While that seems easy, you cannot change details on your birth certificate. Here are guidelines on how to change your name.

  1. A person cannot change his or her name to avoid paying a debt. But anyone has the right to change his or her name in order to disassociate with someone notorious or dangerous.

  2. The procedure for changing one’s name may vary from place to place so it is best to seek counsel or legal advice before deciding on it.

  3. Legal parents of children can change their children’s names. Children of legal age can object to their names being changed. Names can be altered and rearranged in any way possible but the changed name has to be consistently used. The name of a person cannot be altered too often.

    t new name should be used consistently in legal documents.

  4. In the US, one can file a petition in court for change of name. The person has to be of legal age to be able to do that. Once filed, a hearing date will be scheduled and the person will have to publish this notice of hearing in the classified ads section. In some states, they are likely to conduct a background information check. One must show up during the hearing in court. If no one objects to the petition during the hearing, the judge will grant the request and the person will be given an order granting the change of name.

  5. If you have been legally granted to change your name, you need to bring your proof to pertinent agencies to reflect the change of your name in your records. For example, alert the Division of Motor Vehicles so you can change the name on your driver’s license and so you can also be issued a new card.

    If you are a woman who has just been legally married, the marriage certificate will be enough proof for a change in name. You can automatically use your new surname, which is your husband’s. You need to show this proof to your Human Resource personnel at your workplace and to government agencies to reflect the change in your records.

  6. The same procedure applies to divorced or dissolved marriages. A divorce or dissolution certificate is proof that a woman can revert to using her old surname and middle name. It has to be consistent with her name as reflected on her birth certificate.

  7. The evidence of your changed name must be presented when applying for legal documents. This could include a public announcement in the local or national paper of your changed name. A statutory declaration expressing your abandonment of your old name and adoption of a new one may also serve as proof that you have changed your name. You might need to get some legal advice before making such declaration.

  8. Be sure to keep copies of your evidence for future use. It is likely that you will need this again.

  9. Once you have changed your name, be sure to inform your bank and credit card company to avoid getting into trouble. Practice using your new name. Rehearse signing documents with your new name.

Adopting a name different from that name reflected on your birth certificate or marriage contract is doable but requires careful thought to avoid lifetime regrets.


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