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how to change your name after marriage

how to change your name after marriage

It is a natural effect that after getting married, a woman acquires the right to use the surname of her husband. However, it is not automatic; it involves a legal procedure. If you are a married woman and wondering about the process on how to change your name after marriage, the following steps are instructive and enlightening:

  1. Secure extra copies of your marriage certificate. A copy of your marriage certificate can be secured in the office that issued the same. Request and secure certified, true copies bearing an authentic seal. Secure a number of copies as many as the number of government agencies that require such a document to effect the proper change of your surname. There are government agencies that require the presentation of either an authenticated copy or just a mere photocopy of your marriage certificate.

  2. Go to the Social Security Office. This is the first government office that you will have to visit and effect your change of name.

    You can also call this office so you will be advised regarding the necessary steps on how to go through the process of a name change. Present your certified copy of your marriage certificate and fill out the application form for a new Social Security card.

  3. Go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you have a driver’s license, you need a new issue that will bear your present surname. Present your marriage certificate as proof of your change of surname. After completing the requirements, a new license will be issued to you bearing your new surname. Within a period of ten days from the filing of your application at the DMV, the Internal Revenue Service will be notified by the former office of such a change of name.

  4. Work on your passport change application. Go to the passport office and effect an amendment to your passport by filling out a passport amendment and validation form. Present your marriage certificate and other proof of your change of name along with your duly accomplished passport amendment and validation form. Pay the required fees and wait for the issuance of your new passport.

  5. Contact the various financial institutions and credit card firms.  To avoid confusion and problems in your financial transactions, you need to effect a change of name in your financial accounts for the banks and credit card companies. Show your marriage certificate and other proof of your change of name and fill out the necessary forms to properly effect your change of name. Then wait for the issuance of your new financial accounts.

  6. Go to other important agencies and offices. Change your name in your employment data, voter’s identification card, insurance companies, business interests and investments, utility companies (cellular phone, telephone, cable, electric and gas), school records, club memberships, alumni associations, etc.

  7. Announce your change of name to your friends. Not all of your friends may be aware of your present status as a married person. You have to inform them to avoid confusion. You can use social media networks by simply leaving them a message regarding your change of name. To make it more special, you can send special cards informing them of your present surname.

The change of one’s name is a serious public fact that must not be taken lightly. The public must neither be misled nor defrauded with your change of name. Thus, it is only proper to effect the change of your name in the right way. If you are still puzzled on how to change your name after marriage, just review the steps above.


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