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how to charm a man

how to charm a man

Singles usually go out to have a date.  To make this happen, you should learn how to charm a man.  Though men usually make the first move, in this new age, it is acceptable that a woman do something to catch his attention.  Here are some valuable tips you can follow:

  1. Wear something that makes you stand out.  If you feel sexy, then certainly wear your little black dress that shows off some skin and flaunt it.  If you are the conservative dresser, you can play with colors that are eye catching.  Just make sure you feel confident to walk around with it and in front of him.

  2. Smile a lot.  A smile always catches a man’s attention.  It makes you look approachable, friendly, and welcoming.  No matter how nice your attire is, without a smile it can just look ordinary and drab.  When you spot him, don’t hesitate to flash him that genuine smile from across the room.  You can be assured that your smile is contagious, and he will soon flash back a warm smile your way.

  3. Don’t go out in big groups.

    of you is very ideal.  Men usually get intimidated by a big group of ladies especially when they are loud and unruly.  It becomes awkward for him to single you out from your group.  If this cannot be avoided, find a way to detach yourself from the group.  Give him the opportunity to approach you alone while you’re sitting at the bar.

  4. Engage him in a meaningful conversation as soon as you come face to face with him.  Crack a joke, if you can, to lighten the mood.  A man will appreciate a lady who has a good sense of humor.   This can prolong the interaction and make him appreciate your being a jolly person. Avoid asking direct questions pertaining to his job, his ex-girlfriend, or his finances. He might think you have a hidden agenda, and it can scare him away. Focus more on his likes and dislikes while giving a little information about yourself.

  5. Display an air of confidence and grace.  Though you may be shy, lift up your chin and avoid looking down or away when he is looking at you.  If it is uncomfortable for you to look straight into his eyes, look at any spot on his face.  This will still give him the impression that you are looking at him.

  6. Should you end up spending the night together, don’t overdo things.  Let him still be the master of ceremonies.  Most men still want to be the one who is in control.  Being cooperative and enjoying the activity is good.  This will make him feel satisfied but will also make him want more.

  7. Don’t forget to thank him for his kind gesture of buying you a drink or maybe taking you home in his car.  This will make him feel appreciated and will encourage him to do more for you.

  8. Should the night end with a goodbye, leave an indication that you would love to see him again.  Invite him to watch a new movie with you or perhaps drop him a line like “See you around soon” or “get in touch sometime.”  This will tell him that you enjoyed his company and you are looking forward to your next date.

These are just basic tips on how to charm a man.  Depending on the situation, there are other things you can do.  Always be attentive to what he has to say and reciprocate warmly.  When you achieve these steps, there’s a big probability that you’ll end up together.


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