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How To Check For Breast Cancer At Home

How To Check For Breast Cancer At Home

We should all be aware about any changes happening in our body. Breast cancer does not affect women only. There will be some changes in the feel and texture of the breast depending on the different stages of the menstrual cycle for women. The examination should be complete covering the extension of the breast tissue from below the nipple, the areola, going towards the armpit. How to check for breast cancer at home will need some privacy but it’s pretty simple. Here is how:

  1. The best time to do the breast exam is at home on a regular basis to see if there are any differences monthly. Pre-menopausal women must do the exam a few days after menstruation. This is when the hormonal levels are steady and the breasts are not so tender. Menopausal women for at least a year or longer may pick a desired date and do it at the same time every month.

  2. Privately take your clothes off down to the waist in front of a mirror. Both breasts must be clearly visible in the mirror. While standing, place your hands on the hips.

    Observe the size and shape of both breasts. Scrutinize the texture and color also. Check the nipples and areolas if they look healthy. Record any changes as noticed during your regular exams.

  3. Put your arms over your head and observe whether both breasts are moving in a similar direction. List any contrasts you observe. See the evenness in terms of size and shape and anything that is noticeable. Dents, lumps, and dimples on the nipples, areolas, are worth paying attention to. Look for inflamed parts in the armpits especially in the lower portions.

  4. With your left hand up, gently press your left breast with your right hand starting from the upper part going down to the base of the breast then navigating through the armpit. Cover the whole area by making circular strokes. Again, write down the color, size, and texture differences. Do this procedure to the other side. The strokes will be smoother if you do this while having a shower because the moisture will lubricate your touch.

  5. Gently squeeze the left nipple then pull outwards using the index and middle fingers still in front of the mirror. Do you see it bounce back? Is there any discharge? Do these steps again to the other side, and that will be the last thing you will do in front of the mirror.

  6. In the bedroom, lie down on the bed with your head and shoulders on the pillow. Place your left hand at the back of your head. Feel your breast through the same way you did in the standing position. Do not neglect any slight differences. Take note of anything you notice. Do it uniformly to the other breast.

  7. Indicate your regular breast self-exam, BSE, in your monthly planner so that you won’t miss any tests. This way you’ll know if the changes are recurring. Always do all tests when your muscles are relaxed. Tensed muscles can create bulges that are misleading. Disclose all your observations to your doctor.

How to check for breast cancer at home can help in the early detection of breast cancer, but a mammogram and clinical examination are needed to confirm any suspicions. Do this annually for peace of mind. Breast cancer can develop more as you grow older. It’s better to be vigilant with our health rather than be surprised one day when it’s too late to do anything.


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