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how to choose a bra size

how to choose a bra size

Choosing a bra is a lot more than finding a pretty or even sexy undergarment. It’s more than matching the color of your dress, or getting the cutest print or even the sexiest lace trimmings. These are just bonuses. The most important aspect to consider is the bra size. Every woman should know how to choose a bra size. According to surveys, 80 percent of women around the world are using the wrong bra size. In addition to the discomfort that comes with wearing the wrong bra size, women may also subject themselves to breast pain, headaches and back pains. Poorly fitted bras can also ruin the appearance of a blouse or dress. You can tell that a bra is wrong for you if some breast tissue is spilling over the rim of the cup or if there is a lot of extra space in the cup. If you constantly have to lower your bra because it keeps on going up, chances are it is the wrong size. Lastly, check the straps. If it leaves red marks or falls off, it’s either too big or too small for you. To find the perfect bra size, follow these steps:

  1. For an accurate measurement, let someone do the measuring for you.

    here is a big difference when you measure yourself versus someone else measuring for you.  Stand straight, arms at your side and relax. It’s best to get measured bare skinned, but if you are uncomfortable, wear an unpadded bra.

  2. Using a tape measure, go all around your chest, under the armpits, measuring right below your breasts. Keep your posture and relax for an accurate measurement. This will determine the size of the band. Bra sizes usually come in even numbers, such as 32, 34 and so on. If your measurement is an odd number, round up to the next even number. Always follow the higher number.

    Example:  Measurement is 31          – band size is 32

                     Measurement is 32.8          – band size is 34

                     Measurement is 32             – band size is 32 or 34

  3. The next step is to determine the size of your cup. Using a tape measure, get the right measurement by going around your chest; go around the fullest part of the breast, which is usually around the nipples. Take this measurement and subtract the band size from it. The difference will be the basis for the size of your cup.

    Example:  Size of the band is 32

                                 Breast measurement is 34

                                 The difference is two

  4. Using the list below, determine the size of your cup. The difference will have a corresponding size. Combine it with the size of your band to get the right bra size for you.

    One (1) inch – A

    Two (2) inches – B

    Three (3) inches – C

    Four (4) inches – D

    Five (5) inches– DD or E

    Six (6) inches – F

    Seven (7) inches – G

  5. If your band measurement is 32 and the difference is two, then your size is 32B. If the size of your band 34 and the difference is one, then you get 34A as your bra size.

  6. Using the measurement that you got, try a bra and see if it fits comfortably. You can always adjust from here. Just make sure that the band is not tight; it should fit at the nearest hook at the back. The adjustments are actually for future use when your bra losses elasticity.

  7. Adjust the bra straps to your comfort and ensure that your breasts are covered, especially at the side. Check the band if you can run your finger through. Lastly, see how it looks with your clothes on. You can even try a smaller size or a bigger size until you find the right one.

With your measurements as a guide, you now have an idea of what size to buy. Overall, your comfort level will serve as the perfect guide on how to choose a bra size.


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