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How to Choose a Dog Breed

How to Choose a Dog Breed

There are important considerations to make when choosing a dog for a pet. It must complement the way you live, rather than add to your burden. Having a pet already entails added responsibility, but it should not be over the top, making it too hard to manage. This is the reason why how to choose a dog must be done carefully. Decide according to the following advice:

  1. Allocate a place in your home for the dog. Get one that can be comfortable in the space provided. If you live in a spacious house with a lawn, backyard or other extra facilities - go ahead and raise a big dog. If not, settle with a cute little companion.

  2. Find a dog that can keep up with your activity. If you are a sports enthusiast and would like to involve your pet in your exercises, do not get a dog with weak legs. There have been many incidents wherein the relationship between master and pet did not work because they were not compatible with each other. Know the ideal routine of the breed first and compare it with your own before bringing it home.

  3. Consider the basic characteristics of the dog and see if it can be trained to match your lifestyle. There are dogs that can be good in sports, herding, hunting or other services. Choose the one that can be useful to your household or means of living. There’s no point having a dog that will always be left alone if the dog is not suitable to guard your property. It will be prone to separation anxiety, giving you more problems.

  4. Be realistic with the amount of time you can spend nurturing your dog. If you are a busy person, stay away from dogs with lots of long hair.  Curly and long-haired dogs need to be groomed or brushed regularly to avoid matted and tangled hair. Perhaps short-haired dogs with silky coats are more appropriate because they don’t shed a lot of hair on a daily basis – keeping your place neat, despite cleaning only once a week.

  5. Caring for your dog’s health is a must regardless of the breed. There may be typical diseases associated with a particular breed, but this can be avoided through hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. Settle with a dog that is not choosy in terms of foods so that you can experiment with varieties of dog foods that are more nutritious.

  6. Anticipate the harmony between the kind of dog you’re selecting and the young members of your family if you have children or are expecting a baby soon. A child-friendly dog is the best choice, of course. Dogs can be provoked when they get hurt by children unintentionally. When this happens, child-friendly dogs won’t do as much damage to the child as the ferocious ones. Domesticated dogs must be vaccinated as required by the law.

Never rush on how to choose a dog breed. This will be vital to the happiness of your family. It is also not enough that the dog looks adorable. You must be knowledgeable on how to care for the chosen breed properly. The animal center might have some suggestions, but it is important that you exert more efforts in getting to know the dog. Once you finally have it home, it will be easier to create a bond with it because you already know how to handle it correctly.


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