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How to Choose Eye Glasses

How to Choose Eye Glasses

Besides helping you see, eyeglasses can make a statement about your style, especially if you need to wear them all the time. A pair that suits your face shape and features can make you stand out, and so can an ill-flattering pair, but in all the wrong ways. To learn how to choose eye glasses that enhance your look or help you see clearly, follow these steps:

  1. Consider your prescription. If you need eyeglasses to see, the prescription should take top priority. Get an eye exam to determine the exact grade you need.

  2. Consider your face shape. Ignoring your face shape can result in you choosing a pair that makes you look a little off, no matter how beautiful or well-dressed you are. Below are some guidelines on what face shapes work with what eyeglass shapes.

    a. Square and angular face: Narrow oval and round-framed glasses are best for you, since they soften the angles on your face and help lengthen your face. Look for eyeglasses with center-set temples or those that join at the top of the frames.

    Avoid geometric and square frames that further highlight your face's sharp angles. In addition, stay away from those with color accents at the bottom of the frames, as these accentuate your chin.

    b. Narrow and oblong face: You can buy eyeglasses with taller frames and decorative temples to balance out your features and create the illusion of a shorter face. Those with decorative rims also make your face appear broader. Avoid small and short frames.

    c. Round face: Angular frames can work wonders for you, as horizontal frames and rectangles make your face look thinner. Frames that connect at the top also create the illusion of longer face. A contrasting bridge makes your eyes look farther apart. Avoid small and round frames, as these emphasize the curves of your face.

    d. Trapezoidal or diamond face: Oval frames maintain the balance of your face shape. You can also try a half-rim style or a dramatic cat eye to balance out your jaw line and bring attention to your eyes. Avoid narrow frames, as these make the eyes look narrower.

    e. Heart-shaped face: Wear bottom-heavy frames to make the lower part of your face look broader. Aviators and rimless styles also look good on you. Avoid top-heavy frames, as these emphasize the upper part of your face.

  3. Consider your personality. If you want business-oriented glasses so that others take you seriously, select oval or rectangular frames and choose traditional colors like brown and black frames. If you want to appear more laidback, choose glasses with rims that have funky designs and fun colors like green or blue.

  4. Consider the color of your glasses. See if your skin tone looks best with warm or cool colors. You should also take into account your eye and hair color. Those with warm skin tones look best with gold, khaki, peach, camel, red, or orange rims. Those with cool skin tones should opt for black, brown, blue, gray, magenta, pink, or silver rims.

  5. Consider your budget. If you have a tight budget, stick to the basics. Avoid designer brands and the latest styles.

Knowing how to choose eye glasses helps you decide on ones that work well for your face shape and make sure you don’t walk into a wall.


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