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how to choose eyeglass frames

how to choose eyeglass frames

With so many styles, shapes, and colors available for eyeglass frames, it might take awhile before we actually settle on the right one. There are several options on how to choose eyeglass frames to help you narrow down the many choices. In the end, however, you are the one wearing it so it will be your choice. There are several elements to consider in choosing the perfect frame that we haven’t thought about. You just might be surprised that there is more to aesthetics when choosing your frames. Reading this might help you make the decision of a lifetime.

  1. Know the right size of your face for a beautiful and comfortable fit in your eye glasses.  There are sizes to choose from regarding the size of your face whether it is extra small, small, medium, large, or even extralarge. Make sure that the frame is not too narrow and not too wide for your face. Glasses that fall off or are too tight and leave marks on your face are actually the wrong size for you.

  2. Decide material you like best.

    here are basically two kinds to choose from. The first one is made of plastic. It is becoming really popular, especially among women, since the variety of color is endless.  It is thicker in material and can be quite comfortable especially for the fit at the bridge of your nose. The next are the metal frames which are usually made from titanium or steel. These are made a lot thinner and have nose pads to perfectly fit the bridge of your nose.

  3. Finding the perfect frames should also be perfect with your prescription lenses. If your lenses are too thick and you want to hide them, you may opt for a full rim. For thinner lenses, you can choose from many kinds of frames.

  4. Call it vanity, but in choosing the right frames, they should always look good on you. A good frame should enhance your face.  You should take into consideration the shape and color of your eyes, the contour of your face, your complexion, the length and color of your hair, and other distinctive features that may affect your appearance when you are wearing your eyeglasses. For example, if you have a strong jawline, you will want something softer for your frames to counter that very strong feature of your face.

  5. The frame of your eyeglasses should match where you are going to use it more. If you are going to use it in the office, you may want to choose a style that spells out “professional.” There are trendy styles that still give that professional image. For younger people, you may want to choose something appropriate for your age, something fun and young. There are also types of frames that are sporty, classic, and trendy. Make your choice fit your lifestyle.

  6. The most common approach in choosing the right frame is the shape of your face. There are seven different shapes of faces. Pull your hair back and look into the mirror and decide what shape your face is. Different shapes have different recommendations for the shape of the frame suitable for you.

    Oval face – is probably the most ideal since all kinds of frames go well with the perfectly proportioned shape of the face

    Rectangular face – choose square frames that are a bit big in size to shorten the length of your face.

    Triangle face – to balance out this type of face, it’s best to choose from either small, square-sized frames or round ones.

    Square face – to soften this type of face, try oval frames

    Diamond face – this rare shape will probably be enhanced by choosing bigger frames.

    Round face – to make this shape more slim looking, try rectangular-shaped frames and also wider ones.

    Pyramid face – to add width in the upper part of the face, it’s best to have a bolder design and colors. Cat-shaped frames will also work well for this type.

Choosing the perfect frames requires so many considerations. That is why it’s wise to read a few tips or ask experts on how to choose eyeglass frames that will suit you well. Above all, be comfortable on your decision and be confident in wearing them.


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