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How to Choose the Best Dog Breed for Your Family

How to Choose the Best Dog Breed for Your Family

Getting a new dog is not just about bringing home a cute bundle of fur, but it’s also about adding a new member to the family. Once you’re sure your family wants a dog and can take care of it, keep in mind there are other factors to consider. Follow this guide on how to choose the best dog breed for your family to select the best companion for you and your kids.

  1. Think about why you want a dog. Is your future pet intended to be a companion for an older person? Will his main role be to guard the house? Will he be a playmate for rowdy kids? Take such factors into consideration when deciding on the ideal breed for your family.

  2. Do some research. Getting to know the various dog breeds will acquaint you with their temperaments, exercise requirements, and other characteristics you need to know to decide on the ideal breed. A lot of books and resources are available, and you can always read articles online.

  3. Evaluate your lifestyle.

    efore settling on a particular dog breed, determine whether your family’s lifestyle suits or can adapt to having a dog around. Does your family have time to walk and play with the dog? Will you be able to commit to walking the dog even on cold Sunday mornings? Is your family physically active? Do you love to spend time outdoors? The answers to such questions help determine the breed that best suits your family. More active dog breeds may require more exercise and time outdoors, while some prefer to stay indoors.

  4. Consider your kids’ ages and traits. If you have toddlers or young children who may be rowdy, a dog playmate should be able to match their level of energy. Breeds like toy dogs, for example, may have less energy and prefer more quiet time than other breeds; thus, they may be preferable for children who prefer to stay indoors. Having a dog that matches your family’s temperament, whether outgoing or on the more reserved side, ensures the development of a stronger bond. In addition, smaller children may be overshadowed by dogs that are too large. Taking into consideration the traits and needs of your children helps you avoid incompatibilities in the long run.

  5. Find out about the dog’s grooming needs. Though all dogs need regular grooming, certain types have particular needs when it comes to keeping their coats well-maintained. Long-haired breeds or those with curly coats need grooming more than once a week. Figure out whether your family can give the time and commitment to proper grooming. If not, a breed with a shorter coat may be better. Also, if you decide on getting a puppy, you may have to commit extra time and attention as compared to adopting an adult dog.

  6. Do a finance check. Caring for a new pet may be fun and exciting, but it also requires you to shell out some bucks. You have to set a monthly budget for the dog’s grooming, food, and health checks. Generally, larger breeds cost more money since they consume more food and may have more expensive health care costs. Also, aside from being more expensive to purchase, some purebreds may be more prone to certain health problems that mixed breeds do not have to worry about. Knowing how much a dog’s maintenance would cost lets you know if you can afford certain breeds.

  7. Consider your living space, location and climate. If you live in an apartment with limited space, obviously, large dogs like German shepherds or rottweilers may have difficulty moving about. Large breeds may be more suitable for a family with a large house or living area. A pet-friendly community, such as one with parks and open spaces, is also preferable. People living in urban areas with little open areas may want to consider smaller dogs or breeds like toy dogs that prefer to be indoors. Lastly, take the climate into consideration. Some breeds, like bulldogs, may not be able to stand warmer climates.

Knowing how to choose the best dog breed for your family will help you on the journey to selecting the most ideal breed for your lifestyle, family traits and living area. Moreover, it helps you evaluate whether you can provide for the needs of the dog breed of your choice. When you choose a breed compatible with your family, you can be more prepared and more confident in caring for the newest member of your family.


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