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how to choose the right computer

how to choose the right computer

Learning how to choose the right computer can help find a device that suits your needs without damaging your budget. At the onset, determine whether you need a powerful computer with features that are fast enough to cater your workload or a computer with lesser capabilities. Any high-end computer that has powerful features is very advantageous, especially if you are familiar with the computer software applications. Matters such as download and upload speed, video resolution and processing speed are all dependant on the capabilities of your machine. Here are a few useful ideas on how to choose a good computer.

  1. Determine the nature and degree of your computer work. This will affect the list of features you need to have on your computer. If your work deals with mere encoding and saving data, other than audio and video files, then you can buy a computer that has lesser applications and features. You need a computer with superior features if you wish to dabble in photo and video editing, Internet surfing, games and video presentations.

    Consider buying a desktop computer if, most of the time, you do your work in a fixed place like at the office or at home. However, if your work requires you to move from one location to another, buying laptop or notebook is a better option.

    One notable advantage of using a laptop or notebook is the portability. You can also free yourself of the messy cable wire connections usually used in a desktop computer.

  2. The RAM must be sufficient. RAM means random access memory. This is the memory needed by the computer to run programs. As mentioned earlier, if the nature of your work requires you to run different programs and features on the computer at one time, then having a good RAM is a huge advantage. The higher the RAM capacity, the better.

    As you begin to utilize more and more computer software applications, expect to invest more money in RAM. The RAM’s capacity is measured in terms of bytes. In the market today, the most common RAM capacities range from two gigabytes, to four gigabytes or higher. More bytes imply better computer speed.

  3. Choose the best processor. The processor is the brain of the computer, and it works like the RAM. The processor, however, is the one that processes the information or inputted commands. The faster the processor, the quicker it can process information. The processor’s speed is measured in terms of hertz. For average users, two to three gigahertz will suffice.

  4. The hard drive must be reliable. Your hard drive is the secondary memory of your computer. Since it stores the programs necessary to run the computer, it must be durable. The hard drive also provides space in your computer where data and information can be stored.

  5. Opt for a lighter operating system that is both efficient and versatile. There are operating systems that are too heavy to run in your computer system due to their built-in features. There are also non-versatile operating systems, which have the tendency to deny the installation of certain software programs. On the other hand, there are also operating systems that are light enough for a computer system to run and versatile enough to accept any software program without using an installer.

  6. The optical drive must be both a CD and a DVD writer. Your optical drive must be flexible in a sense that it accepts both CD and DVD disks. The flexibility aspect is essential, especially in backing up files for security and preservation purposes.

  7. The video card must be able to offer excellent video resolution. An excellent video card becomes really useful in terms of video editing and creating video presentations on your computer.

In today’s world, you have to be able to keep up with the latest news involving computers and their development. Start by knowing the basics of how to choose the right computer.


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