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How to Clean a Fish Bowl

How to Clean a Fish Bowl

Fish bowls may not last longer than the well-equipped aquarium set-up, but they can work for a substantial period when the room is well-lit, the water temperature is not fluctuating and the air circulation is constant. You just have to know more techniques on how to clean a fish bowl to enhance the healthy living of your pets, despite the limited space and provisions. Here are some suggestions to make the most of what you have:

  1. Store some supplies of chlorine-less water. They can be bought as plain water gallons from your neighborhood store. Avoid mineral drinking water or the distilled ones. Buy chlorine neutralizer when using tap water. Transfer the bottled water into an open container and allow it to sit for at least an hour, or 24 hours for de-chlorinated water after adding one or two drops of water conditioner. This is a sure way to maintain the water temperature.

  2. Keep some gravel that you have bought from the pet shop in stock to replace older gravel if you do not want to spend more time cleaning it.

    Remember not to add natural stones from the garden so as not to contaminate the water with harmful micro-organisms. Have some spare decorations for instant placements. This will allow the used props to be cleaned, dried up and preserved well in a storage place for the next use.

  3. Add some water from the water that you prepared earlier into another unused fish container other than your fish bowl. Dip a finger into the water to ensure it is the same temperature as the water in the fish bowl.

  4. Take the fish out of the bowl using a small net. Submerge the net into the water in the new container and let the fish swim out. Pour the dirty water out of the bowl, but drain other things inside the bowl like the gravel, aquatic decorations and plants.

  5. Place the fish bowl under the faucet or wash it off with water in a basin. Never use any detergent or washing agent in cleaning it. Scrub gently with a soft wiper or cloth. Perform the same process with the other props, including the rocks and gravel. Don’t worry if there are small amounts of debris left at the base of the fish bowl. This will be helpful in balancing the pH level of the water and it promotes the growth of helpful bacteria.

  6. Redecorate your fish bowl using your spare decorations and gravel. Pour in at least 1/3 more of the treated water you set aside earlier into the fish bowl. Add in the rest of the water containing the fish. This should fulfill the amount of water needed in the bowl – leaving at least an inch of the unfilled part of the bowl from the top opening.

These are just simple reminders on how to clean a fish bowl. As simple as they may seem, they must be undertaken seriously if you do not want to wake up one day to find your fish floating belly-up. This will be a devastating sight. Place the bowl where there’s less traffic and in an area away from outside dangers. Sudden climate changes can affect your fish greatly – so keep it away from windows.


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