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How to Clean a Litter Box

How to Clean a Litter Box

Cats’ feces may contain a toxoplasmosis parasite, so one must be extra careful when facilitating how to clean a litter box. These parasites can be transferred to humans and even to a fetus when the mother is pregnant when affected by them. There are precautions that must be practiced deliberately just for hygienic purposes to avoid illnesses. It’s time not to overlook this process and take note of the following proper procedures:

  1. Avoid direct contact with contaminated cat litter. Use a scooper to eliminate the stools from the litter and protect your hands with gloves whether they are rubber, latex or plastic when cleaning it. Bring the litter into the open air to avoid inhaling most of the foul smell during the process.

  2. Use a scooper in segregating the feces from the rest of the litter. The litter box can still be kept fresh longer if it is not soaked with urine without the solid waste of your cats. Dispose of the feces into a sturdy, plastic trash bag.

  3. Transfer the used litter from the litter box into the disposal bag.

    eal it tightly and deliver it directly to the garbage can. Do not keep it in one corner of your house for a long time. It is better to have it exposed directly to the sun so that germs can be killed rather than let the bacteria multiply in a dark and moist spot.

  4. Gather all the cleaning tools in a handy place that is conducive for cleaning the litter box. You can put all of them in one container. Aside from cleaning it outdoors, a water source is very important to properly clean it.

  5. Pour in some heated water inside the litter box and add in powder detergent. Brush the litter box thoroughly with a toilet brush cleaner to be used exclusively for this purpose. Rinse the box to get rid of the suds of the detergent. If you don’t like brushing the box, it’s better to use a plastic litter box liner before adding the fresh litter.

  6. Dilute a quarter cup of bleach into hot water covering most of the inner area of the box. Allow it to soak for at least 15 minutes before rinsing it with water one more time. This will get rid of the foul smell that can stick to the container. This is also a simple process of disinfecting the litter box for the safety of your cats and yourself.

  7. Dry the box just by placing it outdoors in the sunshine or use a rag/paper towel to dry it by wiping it thoroughly. There’s a possibility that your cat may want to use the litter box badly while you are cleaning it. So it is advisable to have more than one litter box for it to use them alternatively.

  8. If you do not have a spare litter box, re-fill the cleaned one with new cat litter for your cats’ needs. Cats are noted to be quite excited about using their litter box when it’s freshly cleaned.

How to clean a litter box is quite straightforward. You can come up with your own method for doing it as long as it serves the purpose. It is best to do this regularly at least once a week or more frequently if you have many cats. If you have a dog or children who love to play with almost anything, cover the litter box when not in use. Just don’t forget to open it up to give access to your cats whenever they need to use it.


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