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How to Clean Aquarium Rocks

How to Clean Aquarium Rocks

You might have sorted out the proper way of changing aquarium water, but what about how to clean aquarium rocks? You might feel exhausted just thinking about it, but once you’ve actually done it, it’s not that bad. There are even a few tips that can make this task easier. Don’t waste time – follow these steps with enthusiasm:

  1. Don’t miss your weekly water change. Contaminated water will trigger the speedy build-up of algae all over the aquarium, including on the rocks. The presence of scavenger fish or invertebrates can also help in reducing algae growth to a minimum.

  2. Dilute a half cup of soap-less bleach in a standard bucket of water. Soak the rocks and other hard organic props, including shells and corals, at least for half a day. When the debris falls apart, shake the rocks in the solution. Next, transfer them into a container full of de-chlorinated water.  Wash them well and leave them to dry under the sun. Once they are fully dried up when the sun is down, return them to the aquarium.

  3. Brush the rocks with tough and durable steel or wire pads after soaking them in hot water - in the absence of bleach. You can also use other household scrubbing pads, but just make sure that you are buying one or two just for the purpose of cleaning your aquarium rocks. Dishwashing agents that happen to contaminate your aquarium will kill your fish without delay. They are actually not different from soaps and detergents, as far as their negative effects to the fish are concerned.

  4. Leave some dirt on a few pieces of the rocks. Follow the same procedure in soaking and brushing them, but don’t be too rough. This is to re-introduce healthy bacteria back into the water. When arranging the rocks back into the system, place the dirty ones on top of the cleaner rocks. Don’t miss out on treating the water first with chlorine neutralizer before refilling the fish tank with water from the tap. Your efforts in cleaning the rocks will just be wasted when you are not careful in doing this.

  5. Utilize a dishwasher when cleaning the rocks. The water flowing into the dishwasher is heated – making it chlorine-free. Just don’t forget to turn on the hot water system. Also, rinse them all again with de-chlorinated water upon taking them out of the dish washer. Dry them up as usual and arrange accordingly. Place the ones with dirt traces above the well-cleaned rocks. You can then insert the filter system beneath the first layer of rocks where the remaining debris will not clog it.

The sun plays a great role in how to clean aquarium rocks. Sunlight is a natural bleacher and disinfectant - so make use of the free provision from mother earth. Getting the most of the sun’s benefits may require drying the rocks under sunlight for many days. It will help if you have two sets of aquarium props that you can alternate while the process is taking place. This way, you can avoid making your aquarium look bare and boring without those gorgeous rocks and decorations. All you need is a little bit of planning and shopping for the appropriate tools.


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