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how to clean ceramic braces

how to clean ceramic braces

Ceramic and metal braces correct the structure of your teeth. But in some ways, braces also reveal your sense of style. Both ceramic and metal braces have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. No matter which style you choose, make sure that it is a good fit and it works well for you. Braces require maintenance. However, as long as you know how to clean ceramic braces, you can always finish the maintenance job yourself. The main purpose of braces is to compress the structure of your teeth. If there are gaps in your dental line, the solution is not to pull them off, but to put on good braces instead. Metal and ceramic braces have their own pacing in treating your misaligned teeth. Obviously, the metal braces are faster in comparison to ceramic braces. However, whether it is made of metal or ceramic material, you will need to clean stains and food debris from the braces. The steps and precautions below will guide you through a thorough cleaning.

  1. Clean after every meal.

    Brushing after every meal will certainly reduce the accumulation of stains and food debris in your ceramic braces. Brush slowly from one side of the brace to the other side. For areas of the braces that cannot be reached by an ordinary toothbrush, choose an orthodontic brush. These are smaller brushes designed to reach the areas underneath the wire braces.

    Choose whitening toothpaste whenever possible. Not only will it whiten your teeth, but it will also remove stains and blemishes that accumulate around ceramic braces.

  2. Use dental floss. Using dental floss twice a day can help remove food particles that are hiding and clinging between teeth and in your braces. Regular use of dental floss after every meal will decrease food debris build up, stains and other tarnishing.

  3. Use mouthwash. Mouthwash can also remove the bacteria and stains that are present in the braces. It will also make your whole mouth feel cleaner. As a form of oral hygiene, mouthwash can give you long-lasting fresh breath while keeping your ceramic braces clean. Moreover, most mouthwash products have anti-plaque components that eliminate the bacteria that cause gingivitis, bad breath, and cavities.

  4. Properly rinse your mouth. Once you are done with the first three steps, rinse your mouth properly with water. To remove the residue brought about by the toothpaste and the mouthwash, gurgle with water several times until you feel that your mouth is clean. Remember that most mouthwash products contain chemicals that are very harmful if accidentally ingested. Such chemical content can cause health problems overtime.

  5. Regularly visit your orthodontist. Using ceramic braces must be coupled with the responsibility of proper maintenance. As orthodontist will tell you, you must visit the clinic regularly for proper checkups. Your doctor will guide you on how properly maintain your ceramic braces and provide a list of foods and drinks to avoid. Your doctor will also tell you to avoid smoking to keep your braces stain-free.

  6. Be picky with your drinks and food. Drinks such as cola, red wine, fruit drinks, coffee, teas and dark sauces can cause stains and discoloration on the ligatures and on the braces. Normally, your orthodontist will replace the ligatures once a month on every appointment. In the meantime, if you are not mindful with what you are drinking and eating, then your ligatures can easily stain.

    If you really cannot avoid the foods that cause stains on your ligatures, then you can compensate your cravings by choosing dark-colored ligatures in which the stains are unnoticeable.

In terms of quality, ceramic braces are brittle. Thus, the treatment period will take longer because only a slight pressure can be exerted in tightening your braces. At any rate, using ceramic braces must be coupled with proper maintenance. Therefore, the above-steps and precautions on how to clean ceramic braces are useful in ensuring the cleanliness of your braces.


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