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How to Clean Dogs’ Ears at Home

How to Clean Dogs’ Ears at Home

An indication that you are taking care of healthy dogs is when they have clean ears. Dog ears come in different forms, sizes and shapes; however, this should not be a hindrance for your giving them appropriate cleaning. As a responsible owner, it is required for you to learn how to clean dogs’ ears at home since this brings both health benefits and comfort to your dogs. Compared to human beings who have horizontally shaped ears, dog ears have an L shape which is more susceptible to diseases and infections. Cleaning the ears also helps your dog’s air circulation. Taking all these benefits into consideration, you will surely want to care for their ears. Here is how you do that:

  1. Schedule dog ear cleaning.  Even before you see gunk which comes with an awful smell on your dog’s ears, follow a grooming schedule which would include ear cleaning. You can set this routine once every two weeks or as often as needed. You will save your dogs from discomfort if they have become accustomed to grooming sessions.

  2. Use the appropriate instruments.

    ore you start cleaning your petÂ’s ears, make sure that your hands are clean and the instruments you will use have been sterilized. This ensures that everything is safe to use. Prepare a hemostat, which is a special kind of scissors used in cleaning, your homemade or commercial cleaning solution, ear powder and cotton swabs. Do not use alcohol as a cleaning solution or ear buds to clean the ears of your dogs.

  3. Perform the activity slowly. If you have a dog with floppy ears, slowly pull the ears away from him one at a time. This will give you a better look at the dog’s ear canal. Once you see how the ear canal looks, use a plastic dropper or baby syringe to slowly drip in the cleaning solution. Be careful not to irritate your dog as you do this. Massage the outer part of the ear after dripping the solution for about 30 seconds. Let the dog either shake off the excess solution from their ear or turn their heads sideways so that what is left of the solution and the other substances may drip out.  Repeat the same process for the other ear.

  4. Dog ears are very sensitive. Remember not to put anything inside your dog’s ear canal that is beyond half an inch. Doing this may lead to irritation and further infection. However, if you accidentally place something in your dog’s ear canal, immediately take him to the veterinarian.  Take away any excess medication or gunk from the ears by slowly and carefully dabbing a soft cloth on the ears.

  5. Wrap up the process. After the cleaning has been done, fold the ears into their flapped position. This helps with ventilation and drying. Once the ears have dried, apply a little amount of ear powder on it.

Learning and applying your knowledge on how to clean dogsÂ’ ears at home can help prevent further ear infection and damage to your dogs. They will shy away from scratching them and live healthier lives.


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