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How to Clean Fish Tank Glass

How to Clean Fish Tank Glass

One major responsibility in owning a fish tank is to clean it. Therefore, learning how to clean fish tank glass is an integral part of this project because most fish tanks are made of glass. A bi-monthly glass cleaning is good enough to retain its clearness and luster. This might be a simple task, but it will definitely require extra care because you can’t just use soap or any washing liquid. Don’t be dismayed. You can have a well-maintained glass tank using water and siphon tools. Do it this way:

  1. Check your glass tank for possible cracks, chips or leaks. Cleaning it will not be worth your time if you accidentally hurt yourself. If it is leaking, it may be time to replace it. Pay attention to the frames to ensure they are still stable. Too many vibrations or movements can stress the fish. Repair any minor damages before they become bigger problems that will require you to get a replacement.

  2. Purchase a huge basin or any water container that you can use for cleaning your glass tank exclusively.

    o not just use tap water directly from the faucet, especially when living in the city. Store some water in this container first before doing the actual cleaning the next day. This will minimize traces of chlorine in the basin that can be transferred to the fish tank if you’re not careful. You can just imagine the harm that you can do to your fish.

  3. In a bowl of de-chlorinated water, transfer the fish using a net from the fish tank to the bowl. Do this gently and make sure that the water in the bowl has adapted to almost the same temperature as the water in the fish tank. Test by dipping your fingers into the water contents.

  4. Reduce the water in the fish tank using a siphon hose – leaving only at least 30 percent of the aquarium’s water capacity. This will give you easier access to the glass panels inside the fish tank.

  5. Remove the carpet-like algae growing on the walls of the inside glass using an algae scraper. This can be bought from pet shop supply stores. In the absence of the algae paper, just use material that is soft enough not to cause scratches.

  6. Drain wastes and other debris that you find at the base of the fish tank using a net – then return the cleaned-up props and gravel before adding the de-chlorinated water.

  7. Glass cleaner spray can be applied using paper towels to the exterior sides of the glass tank only. Make sure to limit this externally and do not attempt to spray closer to the inside of the tank.

Should you wish to refurbish an old glass tank from your stock room, you will benefit from these guidelines on how to clean fish tank glass. Whatever you do to make it look new again, just avoid possible water contaminants that could kill the living fishes and plants inside the aquarium. To be clear, don’t use any cleaning agents for the inside part of the fish tank. Rinsing them well will not guarantee the safety of your pets. There will always be minimal amounts of these formulated substances that cannot be washed off from the areas where these living things thrive – no matter what you do.


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