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how to clean granite counter tops

how to clean granite counter tops

The key point to note in learning how to clean granite counter tops is how to make use of natural cleaners that contain less harmful ingredients. You have to avoid using abrasive items like scouring pads, scouring powder, or steel wool. Countertops made of granite are mainly made of natural rocks, which cannot withstand the application of various cleaning materials that contain harmful chemicals and strong ingredients. The word granite, which originated from the Latin term granum, refers to a grain-like crystalline rock. By nature, granite can be found as a massive kind of stone structure that is both hard and tough. Granite comes in pink or gray depending on its chemical composition. Highly expensive construction projects today are adopting the use of granite as part of their structural engineering design. Regularly cleaning any granite countertop requires special attention compared to cleaning any ordinary kitchen area. Be as it may, many homeowners have a preference for granite countertops, which has led to the rise of various granite-friendly cleaning agents, most of which are homemade.

Let us identify some useful cleaning materials and tips depending on the kind of dirt, stain, or grime at hand.

  1. Repair minor cracks first. Note that no matter how small the crack is, it can widen if left unattended for a few days. Every crack can accommodate the accumulation of grime and dirt, which will become harder to remove. In other words, one important part of your cleaning practice is to fix every crack you see on your granite countertop.

  2. For ordinary spills, clean it right away. With regular countertops, we usually think to wipe any spill right away. That is not exactly the case for a granite countertop. Wiping the area will only spread the dirt to the rest of the area. Instead, blot up the dirt. There are also stone soaps available in most hardware stores or in any home improvement retail store, which can be used.

    Using mild soap and water could work effectively. Apart from the fact that doing so is safe and easy, it is also inexpensive. Soapy water will not, in any way, alter the shiny texture of your countertop. For a more thorough cleaning on your granite stone, you can use soap-film-remover afterwards. This remover will deeply clean the surface from any soap and excess water deposits.

  3. For greasy stains, use flour paste with hydrogen peroxide. Greasy stains like oil need a thorough cleaning. Apply the paste on the stained area and cover it with plastic. Leave it on the surface for 6 to 8 hours. Then take off the plastic covering and scrape the paste off. Use a wooden scraper or any elastic plastic utensil so as not to scratch the surface of your countertop. Repeat the process as desired based on how wide the affected area is.

  4. For coffee/tea stains, use ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Remember that coffee or tea stains are not ordinary stains and may be a little harder to remove with just a sponge. Get your hydrogen peroxide and add 2 to 4 drops of ammonia and wipe the affected portion. Try not to spread the stain to other parts of the surface while wiping.

  5. For ink stains, use acetone. If you have nail-polish remover, use it instead. Pour a few drops of acetone on a cotton ball and wipe it on the stained area of your granite countertop. Again, focus only on the affected area without spreading the dirt any farther. After that, get another clean cloth to finally clean the surface.

If you are not concerned about maintaining and cleaning your countertops every day, you can end up replacing it much sooner. That’s why it’s important to know how to clean granite counter tops properly.  


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