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how to clean jewelry

how to clean jewelry

Expensive jewelries like rings, earrings, necklaces, brooches, and bracelets are personal adornments normally made of prized metals, precious gemstones or shells. There are also fashion jewelries that are usually inexpensive because the materials used are not so valuable. Whatever may be the components, it is still material that you know how to clean jewelry so that each of your jewels will remain appealing and beautiful. Cleaning jewelry can actually be done by professional jewelers for a fee. They have specialized skills and cleaning methods depending on the kind of jewelry to be cleaned. But why should you spend your money if you yourself can do the job? Over time, soap scum, skin dead cells, grease, and all forms of tiny dirt can accumulate beneath your gemstones. To accomplish the cleaning job, here are few useful tips.

  1. Ensure that the setting of your jewelry is intact prior to cleaning. There are kind of jewelries that bear porous gemstones which are sensitive and soft in nature hence, they may be damaged easily if not taken cared of properly.

    At all times, you have to fasten the setting of your jewelry and remove the accumulated dusts before cleaning. Dusts can cause slight scratches while cleaning. Generally, a good and dust-free cleaning fabric can either be flannel cloth or one made of cotton.

    The cleaning materials and the cleaning method applicable largely depend on the kind of material or stone your jewelry is made of. Meaning, identify first the type of jewelry you have before you begin cleaning it. It may be made of diamond, gold, pearls, gemstones, silver, opals, or a combination of any of the same.

  2. Clean your diamonds. As the saying goes, diamonds are forever, and yes they are. Your precious diamond can last a lifetime but its natural sparkle may no longer be the same as time goes on. To remove any cloudy appearance in your diamond, you can use ammonia solution.

    You may also soak your diamond, for about 3 to 5 minutes, into warm water mixed with mild detergent. Shortly after that, gently brush it using jewelry brush or any toothbrush that has supple texture. Rinse your diamond using another amount of clean warm water so that the detergent may be removed completely. Wipe it then slowly with any cotton-made cloth.

  3. Clean your set of gold. If an ammonia solution is useful on diamonds, it is not in the case with gold. Ammonia, chlorine and other similar solutions can cause discoloration on the gold material. Thus, dipping your set of gold into a combination of warm water and mild detergent is already good. Just let it stay there for 2 to 3 minutes, and then do the brushing afterwards.

    Use another clean water to rinse your gold and wipe it temperately with a soft fabric to remove the excess moisture. The excess moisture brought about by the cleaning solution must be thoroughly wiped because it can actually cause dullness on the gold material.

  4. Clean your set of pearls. Like your other collections, pearls are pricey and precious jewelries too thus, each pearl must be in its proper place before cleaning them. To make your pearls really stunning, you need to produce a soapy solution made of baby soap and lukewarm water, and then dip into it your pearls between 1 to 2 minutes. To avoid any scratches, soft and cottony fabrics are best in drying your peals later on.

  5. Clean your gemstones. These stones are not hard to clean because you can follow the same process you used in sanitizing your pearls, except for harder gemstones which must brushed slightly in order to take away the accumulated grimes. Your ultrasonic cleaner will work best on harder gemstones but not on the softer ones. Make sure to remove any excess chemicals, using clean and soft cloth, every after cleaning activity.

    Insofar as porous gemstones are concern, cleaning them requires only gentle wiping using wet cotton or wet soft cloth. Never soak such stones, at any instance, into whatever kind of cleaning solution.

  6. Clean your silver jewelry collection. In most cases silver items like necklace are harder to clean using your bare hands, and so, you will likely need an effective cleaning solution. In fact, heavily tarnished silvers may require professional cleaning rather than doing it yourself.

    For slightly tarnished items, simply get a small bowl and fittingly lined the inner portion with your aluminum foil. Put into it your silver followed by a sufficient amount of baking soda and then hot water. You will notice some kind of bubbling formation which will stop eventually. After that, you can rinse your jewelry and wipe it thoroughly. Repeat the same process as needed until you see that your silver jewelry is sparkling again.

  7. Clean your opals. These are very fragile, porous, and soft kind of jewelry. A very mild soap mixed with warm water plus a little brushing would already suffice in cleaning your opals. But if you are not sure with what you are doing, it is best that you see a professional opal cleaner to finish the job.

Because jewelries are not only precious but they are also costly possessions, cleaning them properly is really necessary. Unless you know how to clean jewelry, do not attempt doing the cleaning process. Otherwise, you will not only damage the texture of your jewelry but will also ruin the component materials. At any rate, however, the tips we have discussed are adequate enough to direct you accordingly.


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